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Mount Barker, Australia
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I have a lot of things in my man cave but, this poster is one of my most treasured possessions!


Ade and I were keen snow skiers.....when her legs worked!

The fact that there was no regular snow within 1,000 Kms of home did not stop us! We chased that powder around the world. We did particularly enjoy our regular trips to Thredbo and Perisher in New South Wales.


Burt Bacharach, along with Carole Bayer Sager on a ‘Down Under’ concert tour of Australia in 2007, being summertime in Australia he was booked to do a short concert season at a ski village resort in the snow fields in New South Wales high up in the Crackenback ranges called….Lake Crackenback Resort. As per the name there is a lake which forms the central part of the resort and on the shores of that lake is a soundshell where various acts would perform during the warmer months of summer when there was no snow on the ground.





We have stayed there on a few are the kids arriving for my 70th birthday visit!  But, in 2007 this poster grabbed my attention!

Here is a copy of that poster that circulated at the time to advertise the Bacharach tour season.



Unfortunately I didn’t get to go but, this was a poster to be truly remembered, so glad I managed to souvenir a copy .....just wish I could have seen the man in person!



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Re: Great Musicians

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Level 10

I have to admit i never heard about Carol Bayer Sager.

But Wikipedia teached me a lot, and I read she was even married to B.  Bacharach !

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Brogo, Australia
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Lake Crackenback is one of my favourite places in the world! We've spent Christmas there the past few years. It's amazing at that time of year.

Bacharach at Crackenback would have been great.

Re: Great Musicians

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We hope to visit the Lake next year. I heard good feedback. Also, my friends were there and liked it.

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It would be great if we can start a community on on the southwest region.

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