I'm so exciting to use Airbnb.

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Hello,everyone.I'm Xu Sheng.I'm come from China.Weeks ago,I found Airbnb website can open and I can communication here.


China ban almost all social media,includ Google, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Wikipedia and so on.


So,I'm so exciting Airbnb can use.


I saw you often travel abroad or studying.I saw you meals.


The farthest place was I went to is Beijing.I went to Beijing for a few days of travel.Most people(my classmates、teachers、and some seniors) have never left their hometown.


Most people only eat a few meat a year.


I'm lucky? Or unfortunate?I don't know.


And I saw you life style was amazing.It different from Chinese in China.


I used to learn painting.This is my hobby.But I never play Musical instruments.But,my classmates never have hobby,never reading books,never leave their hometown.Worst of all, they think they life was destiny.No one educate them.They only understand computer games.

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Re: I'm so exciting to use Airbnb.

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So,I hope have someone talking something with me.


I almost don't talk with my classmates.I never have friends.Because they are very obscene.They only talk sex and games.So boring.So nausea.So much unmeaning.

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