Life is full of ups and downs!

Mount Barker, Australia
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Life is too short to let opportunities pass you by. 


Although we have only just been away for our wedding anniversary, we decided some time ago to go away for a week with friends for some boating, fishing, lots of nice food and of course a veritable liquor store of refreshments........And last week was that week.

God knows how many text messages went back and forth before we ended up on the road. Our original plan was to cruise across to Kangaroo Island on John and Lorraine's 32 ft cruising yacht but, the weather forecast was not great....rain and high winds, not great boating weather.  So Plan B was to road it 240 Kms to our favorite little town across the gulf, a place we go to maybe twice a year called Stansbury!

So, the boat stayed firmly at the marina, but we took the fishing gear and  'Crab Cobber' came with us to make sure we didn't go hungry!





We didn't venture far from home, the high point on those hills across the water between the foreshore pines is where home is! Although it looks quite close there is 52Kms of water between these two points of land.




Times like this make you realise the value of great friends.....Ade and Lorraine started their first day in Primary School together 67 years ago, and have been the best of friends ever since.......




I am a newcomer on the scene, but have loved John's company over the last 52 years and we have seen much of the world together!




The whole object of this exercise was to enjoy ourselves and along with John's sister Jan (the eldest member of the group who lost her husband to a brain tumour 27 years ago) We had a spectacular week!




I know we look like a bunch of old 'dags'......but that's what we are, doesn't stop us from having a great time though!


The crabs were plentiful and the fish were jumping!






I made another of my great salads ......




We had Prawn stirfry night, and a chicken curry night and a good old Aussie hamburger night....I am sure I put on a kilo or two!




and of course that glass was never more than arms reach away!




But all good thinks come to and end and on our return we find out from our bank one of our credit cards has been compromised and we have lost around $2,000 to scammers! They accessed our card details while Ade was paying a government vehicle registration bill via phone banking.


Never mind, just means next months hosting goes towards supporting scammers!

Emojis 2.png


I need the exercise  anyway to work off the great last week we have just had.....all is good, we have to stay positive in life!




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Re: Life is full of ups and downs!

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Hey @Robin4 ,


Looks like a wonderful trip, sorry to hear about those scammers. Really does my head in! Hope you got it sorted.



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Re: Life is full of ups and downs!

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Re: Life is full of ups and downs!

Munnsville, NY
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@Robin4 , sounds like a great way to spend some days with lifetime friends!  Stay well, JR

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