Mazda Cookbook: delicious potato pie

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1- Peel and chunk potatoes, make it boil in salted water.

2- mash it with a fork adding cheese cubes (I use asiago you can use cheddar), add salt if needed  and red crushed peperoncino for that kick

3- on a lightly oiled pan pour the stuff and compress it with a fork to make a 3+ cm thick saucer

4- cook it on a mid+ heat until brown crust


This recipe comes from Friuli, some add an egg when mixing potatoes

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Re: Mazda Cookbook: delicious potato pie

Montreal, Canada
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Looks good 


are you cooking breakfast to you guest ??



Re: Mazda Cookbook: delicious potato pie

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you see @Annie1372 say my place is in a big competition area I had to drop prices, also power bill tripled since jan, so I had to act as the low cost flights such as Ryan air. If you check the low cost hotels chain in Europe they charge you convenient prices but breakfast is an option charged between 10-18 euros per guest. So, I'm not serving breakfast again as I did in the past + I have to pay the maid. it would be crazy I won't earn more than10 euros. cheers

Re: Mazda Cookbook: delicious potato pie

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Nice! I'm going to give it a try this weekend @Mazda2 😃 Thank you for sharing! 

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Re: Mazda Cookbook: delicious potato pie

Level 5

Be careful not to sticky even on a non sticky frying pan, use a spatula

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