Mazda recipe book: beans and sausages

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Well I found a bit funny but I always liked food more when it had a story behind, e.g: pizza margherita was created by chef Esposito late 19th century celebrating new queen Margherita di Savoia, in fact had the Italian flag color white for mozzarella, red for tomato sauce and green for basil. Now this beans and sausages comes from a spaghetti western called "they call me trinity" with Bud Spencer (RIP) and Terence Hill where Bud after 24hrs fasting he found somewhere this huge pot of beans and sausages and when you see this big guy eating you start starving.


651D13E0-9535-435C-B27F-C8FA75D4B240.jpegGolden onions, a crushed garlic clove with chopped sausages.




























C9EB79F7-06A6-4B65-9ECF-FC0C6507600B.jpegAdd thinned beans, sage and red crushed chilly, cook for 10mins on a low flame.



























CFF38659-A139-42D5-8B7F-B4DAE9727A41.jpegAdd tomato sauce few spoons, let it cook further 5mins and adjust of salt and wait until sauce is a bit thicker.


Take a big spoon and have it from the pot, I'm having it with mashed potatoes on the side.


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Re: Mazda recipe book: beans and sausages

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@Mazda2   Sounds nice, I may try that for my husband, he likes chillies

Re: Mazda recipe book: beans and sausages

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Quock and easy give it a shot would be good even with a side rice

Re: Mazda recipe book: beans and sausages

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Sounds lovely, indeed! @Mazda2 😃

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