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Good afternoon! I'm from Ukraine. You know what is happening in my country and thanks to everyone who supported the women and children who were saved in Europe. As time has shown, the Airbnb platform can be the centre of a very strong community. And if Airbnb has the right approach to the tools that the platform has in its arsenal, it can solve a lot of social problems. For example, we are talking about the reconstruction of houses for 1 euro in Italy. Half a year ago, we know that such a project is taking place in Sambuca Di Sicilia. We found out that in a city where a lot of old people live, a wonderful renovation project is going on. The city can get additional attention and help from tourists. He can get more support and care. But why stop? Now, for example, the BBC is filming a project about Salemi, a city in the mountainous part of Sicily. You can read more about it on his travel website: Why not AIRBNB join forces with them? To develop a program that would stimulate and develop the hotel business in this region. After all, this is not just a city - it is the first capital of Italy. And not just old people who live in it, but people who, in their youth, went through an earthquake. The platform could look at this and say: Yes! We want to participate. We want life to return to good places and cities. I hope the time will come and it will also be possible to talk about my country too.

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Re: Social initiatives that can work

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Hello @Kushnirov0, thank you very much for sharing this here with us. I will definitely pass this on to the wider team. Stay safe 🇺🇦

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Re: Social initiatives that can work

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Awesome and interesting article. Great things you’ve always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.

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