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Hey everyone,


We have all spent the past few months self isolating, so I know lots of people have managed to dedicate their extra free time to immersing themselves in a hobby.


Whether it’s a newfound passion or an old favourite pastime, many have found lockdown to be the perfect opportunity to develop some skills while reducing stress.


From learning a new language to improving your culinary abilities, playing an instrument to gardening, there are plenty of fun options out there to help pass the time.


I for one have been doing quite a bit of drawing to help me relax. I also love singing, so it’s been pretty cool being able to practice more often  😊


What about you? How have you spent your extra free time these past few months? Did you learn any new skills or rediscover any dormant hobbies? 





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Re: What hobby helps you stay positive?

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@Liv  this is a great thread and such fun to read about what others are doing. I was all charged up early on in the beginning of stay home and got into baking sourdough bread and then realized that was not the best hobby to be doing as my clothes became uncomfortable - SO I stopped that. My husband  David does organic gardening and I'm called the food manager, with canning, and prep and freezing, dehydrating, etc. of course cooking and there's much learning all along. I began growing my own Luffas/ Loofahs about 3 yrs ago and that has become a special side hobby - making them to be just for facial scrubs, soft and gentle and also inside soap for excellent hand washing, esp. these days. I really enjoy plants and have taken a fancy at propagating many plants and have had a recent successful fundraiser with the plants for my people in Ghana. My favorite hobby is weaving in the garden on the very large upright basic frame loom - however, its been so very hot in florida that after 6am its too hot to spend much time outside in the sun - unless you are biking or in the water at the beach....both of which we do. Thanks for sharing info and encouraging others.

@Huma0 love your creativeness - the Dolls House is wonderful and something you can have such a grand time working/playing are so creative and tiny is wonderful. Enjoy and keep us posted with pics please.


Re: What hobby helps you stay positive?

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Hey ,i practically devour books. I love my bookshelf full of my books- i've read my favourites dozens of times. I now use a kindle as well- not the same as a real book, but when you're on a tight financial budget a kindle book is far cheaper.
My favourites are Harry Potter, the "Troy" series by David Gemmell, Jodi Picoult, Rachael Treasure (writes rural fiction). I recently read "The Fault In Our Stars" and couldn't put it down... I also love reading biographies and memoirs of people who live interesting lives- you know, like "I Am Malala" the girl who fought for education in Afghanistan and was shot (but lived, obviously).. So inspirational.
How good is "Love Actually"! I also like "Hes just not that into you" and "Pride and Prejudice".

hey Neil. I've recently switched to Crossfit from a background of regular dancing and martial arts (brazilian jui jitsu). So i'm just building up, but already I'm addicted- i miss it when i take a night off.
I go 3 nights a week currently but this is just a start- i'm awaiting sinus surgery and the meantime the sinus problems are causing me to feel unwell, so i take nights off when I'm not well. My partner goes 6 days a week and that's my ultimate goal once i;ve had the surgery and am feeling great. I'm competing in the Crossfit games this year, but of course i'm only a beginner so its really to test myself rather than compete per se. You can "scale" workouts in Crossfit- make them easier to suit your current abilities but still a challenge obviously.

On my nights off I sew, study, read... i have plenty other things to do to "keep me calm" but I wish I could be at Crossfit- i really am addicted. As you say, i can pour all my anxiety and depression into the workout- all that energy- and come out feeling.. relieved? like a weight is off my shoulder, like all that negative energy has been burned away and replaced with that exhilaration and endorphin rush of a good hard exercise session. I love it!!!


On Sundays my partner and I love finding places to go hiking- nice state forests or parks. There's some great tracks within 15 minute drive of us, which is fantastic. Being fit and healthy enables us to enjoy those tough walks which is great. Thats what going to the gym is for hey- to give us the fitness to do other things.

I also love indoor rock-climbing. Once i get a job and we've got good money coming in again, we'll be doing that most weekends.

Re: What hobby helps you stay positive?

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Hiking. Health benefits and most people say it helps their mental state


Focusing on improving with something like an instrument or an art form. Or trying to learn new skills on YouTube. Wasting time learning things I actually want to learn gives me such a fulfilling feeling. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Re: What hobby helps you stay positive?

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Yoga and meditation help me a lot to stay positive these days

Re: What hobby helps you stay positive?

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I am student again and very very excited about that! I was dreaming to become a real estate agent for a very long time but didn't know where and how to start. My best friend recommended me to check the reviews of some education companies in the area and i found fortune builders  I am not going to quit my full time job yet and keep it as a hobby for now cause i still need to pay my bills but it definitely can change my future))) 

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