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It’s easy to get lost in the doom and gloom, from reading news, personal worries, the Summer sun slowly leaving us … that’s why I thought it’d be great to combat this by focusing, together, on the little and unexpected sources of joy we come across. 


Something unexpected like your nephew or grandchild’s giggle, an out of the blue phone call from an old friend, a smile from a stranger, or a happy guest leaving you a compliments-filled review; these things can lift our mood and make us happy. Happiness is a beautiful feeling we are all in search of but it may be closer to us than we sometimes see. 


What made you happy today? Let’s share our little moments of joy, and inspire each other to see the positives in our days!





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Re: What made you happy today?

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Having a much needed sleep in knowing my most recent German Guest enjoyed her stay and left positivity in my home.

We are having a 28 Day Pie challenge.

We are up to Pie number 6 and a half, after she, and a previous German lady, informed me they don't have Meat Pies in Germany!


The sun is shining and the birds have been singing in the garden since the early hours of the morning.

I guess I should perhaps change having a sleep in to having a lazy lie in later than normal because I usually make breakfast for my guests if they wish to have it.

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Re: What made you happy today?

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@Helen427 That's lovely, a sleep in is always welcome! I'm really intrigued by that 28 day pie challenge, is that essentially a pie a day for about a month? What have been some of your favourite ones? 


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