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Hi. I thought you might be interested in an idea we've put into practice that might help promote your place. We've made up a postcard that guests can colour in and send to family and friends. It's too early to know if we'll get bookings but guests seem to... saiba mais
Cheap and easy marketing idea
Última resposta por Debra300
I have to tell you a story (its a bit funny), so I went to let two guests into an Airbnb that they rented for 28 days, they arrived at 11am on a Saturday and all was great☑️. Later in the day (at around 5pm), I get a personal message on Instagram that sai... saiba mais
Since the August update on iPhone, the Airbnb calendar does not work properly. I am a Superhost and use my phone all day to book and change prices and respond to guests. When I click on a date, in calendar, it changes to black circle . And then nothing. I... saiba mais
Última resposta por Nick
Hello everyone, Many countries have now opened up for hosting again after varying levels of lockdown, and lots of you are getting back to receiving guests. Some of you noticed recently that guests are not worried about cleaning, whilst others have h... saiba mais
What have you learned from your first post-lockdown guest?
I just came across this: Which I thought might be interesting to fans of Killing Eve and the character Villanelle's aesthetic. Would be interested ... saiba mais
Bonjour à toutes et à tous! Je rejoins avec plaisir le post à la demande d'Emilie. Ancienne gare actuellement privée. La Chapelle des Pots au coeur du Poitou Charente. Petit village nommé pour son activité prolixe de poterie du XIII au XIXe siècle... saiba mais
À la découverte de La Chapelle-des-Pots
Última resposta por Emilie
I can’t help myself but to report on such a positive experience I’ve been having. I think I have the best guests ever...and I have had many guests. These guests have come across the globe and were referred (not sure by what previous guest) to stay at my p... saiba mais
Última resposta por Robin4
Covid-19 has happened and if anything else it has presented all of us with a rare opportunity to slow down and think and do things in a better way in the future. Since we have hosting in common, what I wish for Airbnb are as follow > 1. Drop the $1m Host... saiba mais
Última resposta por Fred13
Ich muss jetzt mal was loswerden: Nutze Airbnb schon seit Jahren und gefühlt wird die Seite und Oberfläche immer benutzerunfreundlicher. Aber aktuell ist wohl der Gipfel erreicht. Die Landingpage nach dem Einloggen ist absolut unbrauchbar. Wenn ich mich e... saiba mais
Última resposta por Sabine-Ingrid0
Just wondering if other hosts are experiencing this and how you're handling it. Obviously, anyone initiating a booking after March 14th is well aware --super aware -- that they are making plans in the middle of a global pandemic. As such, obviously there ... saiba mais