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Dear Airbnb,Please quit your paternalistic and bullying ‘one size fits all’ policies. There are many locations in the world with little or no community COVID infections, so to coerce hosts (by threatening blocking of calendar and bookings) into complying ... saiba mais
Última resposta por Belinda55
I put together this guide to help other hosts collect their smoking deposit. I have been successful in doing so and there seem to be a number of posts from hosts who were declined by CS and frustrated. Please add what have worked for you This will seem ob... saiba mais
Última resposta por Jena2
Hi everyone, I’m aware that many of you are occasionally Airbnb guests when taking some time off or travelling for work, and I’m guessing it must be quite interesting to experience hosting from another perspective. When travelling as a guest, you ... saiba mais
What have you learnt about hosting from being a guest?
Bonjour à tous et à toutes, Ceux qui connaissent le coin le savent : Val-David est vraiment une belle municipalité. Et même si y’a plein d’autres villes fantastiques dans les Laurentides, on n’a jamais besoin de s’éloigner de Val-David pour avoir du fun... saiba mais
A la découverte de Val-David et ses environs (Canada)
Just noticed this new banner. Click Get details and your unique house rules pop onto the screen.
This is an  improvement
I'm really concerned about airbnb's new demands that we wear a mask in our own homes. I can't do it, nor is it necessary here. I have a B&B, which by definition in our town means I run this business in my own home and care for my guests personally. I do s... saiba mais
Hi everyone, We have a new game, something fun to do over the weekend. From culture to food, to general information associated with the area, the emojis below illustrate 34 different countries. Can you guess which ones they are? As always, for ... saiba mais
[Game] Country Emoji Quiz
After weeks of back n forth with "Support" on an open Resolution Center ticket about someone smoking cigars in our condo, where we had to replace the air filter on the A/C, buy those anti-smoke air fresheners, clean all the sheets twice (because they smok... saiba mais
Hallo zusammen, Vor kurzem kam die Nachricht, dass Airbnb den Bewohnern von Los Angeles die Möglichkeit gibt, in der Villa The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air zu übernachten mit Will Smith als Gastgeber! Das ist sicherlich der richtige Weg, um einen Meilenst... saiba mais
Die außergewöhnlichsten Airbnbs
Última resposta por Anna
Ciao a tutti, oggi vorrei chiedervi dei vostri alloggi e di dove sono situati. Gli ospiti sono tanti e cercano cose diverse: c'è chi, magari in fuga dalla folla cerca un posto tranquillo dove stare lontano da tutti e tutto. Mi ricordo un bell'artic... saiba mais
Sei in centro o lontano dalla folla?