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Soaking rains up the East coast of Australia have brought an end to the bushfire crisis we have been experiencing.Although a bit patchy much of the east coast has received between 30 to 150mm (1 1/4 to 6 inches) of rain, and more is forecast over the next... saiba mais
Your a great host. You've delivered a high quality home with great service. Still, you have a guest who, for whatever reasons beyond your control, wants to cancel early during their stay. This will leave an unexpected hole in your calendar that you may ha... saiba mais
There's currently a sitewide glitch in the system that is preventing users from signing in when they try to sign up to the Community Commitment Charter. A workaround that has worked for some is by going directly tohttps://www.airbnb.com/hosting ***DO NOT ... saiba mais
Gostaria de compartilhar com todos da comunidade minha experiência como anfitriã.Após dois anos hospedando pelo Airbnb, percebi que eu e meu marido estávamos reduzindo as informações na chegada dos hóspedes. Acho que repetimos mais de 100 vezes! rsFoi ent... saiba mais
Is anyone having problems with the "accept" button on the Community Committment pop up? No matter how many times I click on "accept" it just buffers for minutes and the whole site freezes so I can't do any business on my listing! This means I'm being late... saiba mais
Ma super surprise du jour concernant la notation... Je suis au téléphone avec Airbnb depuis 20 minutes pour obtenir la suppression de cette notation ridicule. Bien entendu, pour eux il n'y a rien de grave donc la personne du CS ne jugeait pas bon de suppr... saiba mais
Ho deciso per quest’anno di ascoltare e seguire i consigli di airbnb sui prezzi ... arrivando anche a 12 € a persona per notte in un appartamento in cui non manca davvero nulla .. le conseguenze sono state aver richiamato nei miei appartamenti persone di ... saiba mais
Heute (18.01.2020) war Vera mit mir am Starnberger See. Sommerbild vom Starnberger See, Berg am SeeDas Wetter war nicht ausflugstauglich, im Gegensatz zum Bild im Hotel dort, aber wirwollten auch nicht ausspannen sondern einen Freund besuchen, der vor ein... saiba mais
Hello,Today I received a call from an Airbnb agent asking me to alter the date of a reservation which I had declined to the guest. I politely declined, and then the agent asked me why am I declining it as the calendar next month is free. I was taken aback... saiba mais
One of my homes gets consistently downgraded for cleaningness. It is old. The hardwood floors are extremely worn, cabinets are patched up, there are really old odd sized air registers (can not be replaced). There are many layers of paint and some have dir... saiba mais