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We had a booking for a family for 5 days: husband, wife, 2 kids 9 and 4 1/2 years old. Within these 5 days they managed to break a glass brick wall in the bathroom and damaged our bed so badly, that it needed to be recovered. For the 5 days they paid € 25... saiba mais
Última resposta por Christianne15
Whether you are from a democratic society or one of another style of government, this post is not for a debate about politics, ideology or differences. Today is a BIG day for all Americans no matter where they live. It is also a big day globally, for an e... saiba mais
Wishing peace, unity and harmony across America today and in the future.
It is no coincidence that food is king on social media. Seeing as most of us eat three meals a day it is effortless to create a post - just snap a photo of your meal - but more importantly, it is relevant to everyone. Food is part of the human story, n... saiba mais
Lockdown lunches
Última resposta por Quincy
Proche d’Ajaccio, mais loin du bruit et au calme. Le village est composé de deux charmants hameaux étagés à flanc de montagne qui offrent une belle vue sur la baie d’Ajaccio, cité impériale Avant d’arriver chez nous, vous passerez devant ... saiba mais
Venez découvrir Sarrola-Carcopino et ses environs
I have a friend who is interested in buying an inexpensive property in a different state to list as STR on Airbnb, VRBO etc. He asked my advice and I started making a list of things I learned or would ask from my own remote hosting experience. Thought it... saiba mais
The last year has been a serious challenge for many of us here in the hosting community. Some of us have fared better than others, but today marks a new beginning in America. A new president will be sworn in in a few hours and regardless of what our polit... saiba mais
A new beginning
Última resposta por Liv
So 14 months ago I had a 0-1 review guest who left a disgusting mess of "DNA" all over the expensive quilt covers and tried to hide it, left dirty dishes all over and didn't clean up after himself. 14 months later AFTER his stay, he complained to me that ... saiba mais
Hello everyone, The International Day of People with Disabilities was last month and I’ve been thinking about inclusivity and how the travelling experience of those guests must be in different parts of the world. Whether you provide your house rule... saiba mais
Have you ever hosted a person with disabilities?
Última resposta por John5097
Buenos días a todos, A casi todos nos encanta viajar, y muchos hemos tenido que cancelar, posponer o incluso olvidar planes de viaje en el último año. En este 2021, aunque todavía es pronto para planificar viajes, ¡todos esperamos que las cosas mejore... saiba mais
¿Cuál será tu primer destino de viaje?
Bonjour à tous, L’une des choses que les voyageurs utilisent le plus lors de leur séjour est bien entendu le lit à leur disposition. Il peut être difficile de décider quel type de lit et literie choisir, ou de quelle manière les entretenir, que v... saiba mais
Choisir et entretenir votre literie
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