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No one, right? However I'd like to highlight to @Catherine-Powell that after 7 years of Superhost status without a single miss, I just lost this status in the period ending 3/31/21 due to a single 1-star revenge review from a guest who was charged for dam... saiba mais
Having hosted for a few years now, I have noticed some trends of "informational holes" in guest perspectives. These are some things I wish guests knew. Maybe I will write an article! Curious to hear from others. -ABB is NOT a regular old vacation rental.... saiba mais
Última resposta por Pat271
Hi everyone, With Spring well and truly on the way in the Northern Hemisphere, many of us are starting to enjoy longer, warmer, and livelier days. In order to celebrate this and to pursue the celebrations some of you might have indulged in over the w... saiba mais
[GAME] CC Spring egg hunt
Última resposta por Dale711
Hi everyone, It can be a rather daunting task, trying to decide how to price your listing. Taking into consideration factors such as neighbouring listing prices, location, seasonality and just how swanky your listing is can take a lot of balancing, and... saiba mais
How do you price your listing?
Última resposta por Mike-And-Helen0
This is from a comic series called “Pearls before Swine”, popular here in the US. It’s probably true!
Funny :)
Última resposta por Fred13
I have enjoyed being a host with airbnb but my latest guest did shine some light on airbnb and safety concerns I have. My guest seemed pleasant when checking in and nice he was no bother and communication was great, up until halfway through his stay and t... saiba mais
Hola a todos, Acabamos de pasar Pascua y espero que todos hayáis tenido unos días para descansar y disfrutar del tiempo libre. Muchos habréis comido el pastel típico de vuestra región, en mi caso LA MONA DE PASCUA, que es una gallina o un pollo de... saiba mais
[JUEGO] Búsqueda de huevos de Pascua (o Mona de Pascua)
Última resposta por Gloria342
Finally, there is a globally respected organization that is speaking out against hygiene theater: Hopefully, companies and governments will change their public health guidelines acc... saiba mais
Última resposta por Carol280
Hello everyone, It's that time again and this is a bit of shake up as the lovely @Lizzie is off in mummy land! But, we will endeavour to keep up the tradition nonetheless. Our next online meetup will take place on Thursday, April 15th (10PM, UK time)... saiba mais
Community Center Social Online Meetup:  April 15th
Bonjour à tous, Le printemps est bel et bien arrivé et beaucoup d'entre nous commencent à profiter de journées plus longues et plus chaudes, malgré les restrictions de déplacement toujours en place dans le monde. Afin de fêter cela et de poursuivre l... saiba mais
[JEU] Chasse aux œufs