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    Hi. This is in regards to removing 2 listings: https://tinyurl.com/ydfv7p7l - Vincea's Country Villa 2 and https://tinyurl.com/y9lzkyao - Vincea's Country Villa. These two properties were sold earlier this year and the previous owner is refusing to r... Latest reply by Helen3
    Hi since a while my listing is not showing anymore. It seems that more people are experience the same issue. I started wondering as I normally receive always bookings when I open up dates, but now since several weeks I do not receive a single impression. ... Latest reply by Bruce102
    Well, this question was asked me this morning by a nice young lady working on the phone for Airbnb As a Superhost I was calling direct line in France concerning how to post my new annoucement with two private rooms (bnb) but not the whole apartment. We ca... Latest reply by Edith0