Channel Manager Not Connecting

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Channel Manager Not Connecting

Hi, I'm having a problem adding a channel manager to my AirBnB to control both my Booking and AirBnB reservations. I am using Smoobu as a channel manager and when trying to add AirBnB I get the error message "You may only authorize one property management app to manage your account". I Haven't added any other channel manager to my AirBnB account so I'm confused as why I get this message. I called customer support and they said they can't check which channel manager is connected to my account that they can only see that there is a channel manager connected. I have no idea how to identify which channel manager is connected to my account. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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If you are a new smoobu user, you can send them an email
If not, open a ticket via "help."
They usually answer me within a day.
I assume you have read their manual:
How to manage your Airbnb listing with Smoobu 🎥 - Settings, Discounts, Additional fees, Seasonal Ru...

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Maybe contact Smoobu it's their software 

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