Does anyone else hate the new review system as much as I do?

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Minneapolis, MN

Does anyone else hate the new review system as much as I do?

Today, I was leaving my reviews for last weekends guests and absolutely hated it. I co host 50 units and found the system to be a burden. It takes twice as long to leave a review than the previous method. They need to get rid of all the extra clicks to move through the platform and make it simple to encourage hosts to use it. If it gets too detailed and wonky it will discourage me from leaving reviews. 

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I reviewed yesterday, and kind of liked it, actually. A few more clicks, but not a huge burden. (But then I have 1 listing, not 50...)


For those who have not reviewed since the system was updated: The difference is that under each question (Cleanliness, House Rules, Communication), there is a section called "Tell them what went well", to add more detail. I could see when I read my guest's review of me, that guests now also get this "What went well" section, about hosts. (Kind of like the old "Compliments" section.) 


But I have one issue with the review system - and it is not related specifically to the changes now made, but to something that I think should be changed:


Hosts rate guests on Cleanliness, House Rules and Communication, and the rates here seem to add up to an "overall" rating for guests. Unlike the rating system for hosts, where guests enter an overall star rating, and then also ratings for different areas (which do not affect the overall rating, though).


I have a "walk away" approach to my guests - I don't expect them to clean or do any chores at check-out, just lock up, key in the box, and leave. I tell them clearly in a message the evening before check out, not to waste any time cleaning. And the guest house is still usually left in very good condition. 🙂


But if I tell my guests not to clean, I cannot very well let it affect their overall star rating when they follow my instructions and don't leave the house "extremely clean", and don't empty the bins...


So I give them 5 stars*, and say they did take the garbage out (unless the house is left a total mess - has thus far never happened). I guess I could have not clicked "garbage", and instead clicked "Something else" and added a comment. 


But maybe it would be better if we could give guests an overall rating (like they do us), and then check a box regarding Cleaning, saying "guest not required to clean", or something similar?


Otherwise, I'm afraid some guests will not dare to leave the listings anything other than sparkling clean, even if they know they actually paid for cleaning, because they would worry about getting a less than perfect rating. 





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