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Hi everyone, Welcome to the New to hosting board and I hope you’ve been finding lots of useful information, insights and advice from our community. One of the amazing things about this space is that those starting out on their Hosting journey can get a...
The calendar worked perfectly before today. What the hell happened. The dots have now thankfully gone but have been replaced with new style calendar, harder to read. Also the useful reservations that used to be shown underneath have gone. These 'Reservati... Latest reply by Ereca0
When I opened my Airbnb app today ( October 8, 2022) the calendar format has changed (see image). Is there a way to change it back to the way it was? Seeing the calendar overview along with the breakdown of check ins and outs was very helpful. (We manage ... Latest reply by Chris1428
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I synchronize ABB with other websites.I just noticed, it only synchronizes 365 days.Is this a setting I can change or is this standard?On ABB I have a reservation from November 9 – December 13, 2023When I looked yesterday at the other website, it only sho... Latest reply by Bob297
Hi folks would someone be kind enough to take some time and explain to me how to block One Single day. I'm a new host and on Friday have booked an Airbnb professional photographer [affiliated with this platform] I do not want to waste this chance and have... Latest reply by Bes175
I can't find this topic in a recent thread so hoping someone has the answer. I've always used the multi calendar view for my linked listings and today it is gone on the app. Its always just been there when I clicked on calendar so I don't remember how I... Latest reply by Patti-And-Marty0