I have been away for the best part of a month so my knowledge of current events is somewhat lacking but, I have been puzzled during my time away that my listing views have dropped from 30-50 per day to less than 10, some days just 2 or 3! On doing some c... read more
Where do we go from here!
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As a potential guest, I am extremely frustrated with the new search process in the "New Airbnb". It's forcing me to search for either a weekend or a week or it's forcing me to pick specific dates and limiting search results with properties that have those... read more
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Ade and I have just spent three weeks away on the East Coast with our family of girls, I deliberately don't take email access away with me for personal reasons but, I do keep track of my Airbnb business via the phone app. On the 7th May I logged in via my... read more
The mysteries of Airbnb programming
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