Ask an Ambassador #3: Special amenities

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Hiya everyone,


It’s time for our next Ask an Ambassador edition and today we’re talking to Noelle in San Francisco, USA about deciding if and why you should add amenities to your listing!



Can you share the story of when you decided to become a Host?


I had just moved from Boston and purchased a new home in San Francisco, about 10 years ago. It had a small unit on the 1st floor, and we didn’t need the extra space, but I knew in the future we may need it for family, so we didn’t want to rent it out long term. I looked into short-term rentals and came across Airbnb.  It was fairly new at the time, and some people thought I was crazy to try it!  Initially, I used extra furniture and tried to design on a dime. But, as I started hosting, and meeting my guests, I wanted them to have the most amazing stay. I slowly started improving the space, investing in higher quality linens, bath care and design elements, and I saw the ROI (return on investment) - not only financially, but also with the happiness of my guests! Becoming an Airbnb host has been an amazing experience, and I am so happy I took the plunge over 10 years ago!


What’s your favourite part about being an Airbnb Host Ambassador?


I just love helping people become entrepreneurs. I have always believed there is enough cake for everyone and showing people how to become business owners, which is what you are as an Airbnb host, is helping them become more financially secure. I have seen people grow as hosts and purchase multiple units because of their success and seen divorced parents find a new social outlet. I’ve seen a single mom in debt be able to pay off bills and take a vacation! I seriously see people change their life, and I just love being people's cheerleader and helping support in any way I can.  


How should I decide whether to get a special amenity (like a hot tub) for my listing?


Great question!  I am a true believer that you purchase property in places you love to visit, and the same goes for amenities.  Everyone (including myself) wanted a pool, it seemed during COVID last year. If I bought another property that would have been a must have! I theorise the ROI would have been insane. Same goes for allowing pets. If possible, I always suggest allowing it. People are staying for longer, and driving further so want to bring their pets, which means your place will stand out amongst the competition. Improving outdoor spaces, if you have it, really helps with the indoor/outdoor living experience that most people are into. 


Nature rocks and I think you will see a huge ROI!


Thank you, Noelle! If you are new to Hosting, learn from Airbnb Ambassadors like Noelle in a free Hosting class.


What amenities are you thinking about including on your listing?


Please share your comments and any more questions you may have for us to put to the Host Ambassadors!


Many thanks,



*Ask an Ambassador is an educational series designed to let Ambassadors answer questions and provide suggestions for your debut listing.  The views and opinions expressed in this series are the Ambassador's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Airbnb. Stays and Experiences on Airbnb are always evolving, and the information discussed in this series is subject to change.

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Re: Ask an Ambassador #3: Special amenities

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I agree after doing this as a host for three years I have now learned as a traveler with my experiences what would be nice for my guess as well and have now fully stocked my bathroom with disposable razors toothbrushes toothpaste Q-tips cotton balls floss picks feminine Products as well as shaving cream and a variety of one time use personal shampoos conditioners soaps and bulk shampoo and conditioner and body wash in the shower. I have also noticed more families with children traveling and staying so I have now added children’s books coloring books with crayons board games and a variety of card games for both adults and children

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