Ask an Ambassador #8: Showcasing what makes your listing extra special

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Hiya everyone,


We’re back with our Ask an Ambassador! Today we are talking to Ambassador and resident Community Center expert, @Max144 , a Superhost from Bongaree, Australia about his hosting journey and how he makes his listings shine! Let’s read!


Can you share the story of when you decided to become a Host?


 I have always had a dream, for as long as I remember, to own an old fashioned Bed And Breakfast but never thought I would ever have the funds to purchase; until Airbnb came along and now it is possible and so it’s my time to shine!


What’s your favourite part about being an Airbnb Host Ambassador?


I enjoy being a Host Ambassador and helping other people to realize their dreams and show them things I have learnt over the years.


How do you amplify the extra special elements of your listing when you publish?


I always under-promise and over-deliver on my listings and, when published, I let my guests give rave reviews with some of them divulging some of the extras I provide, like being a warm ever-helpful host and giving my guests the best possible stay.


Thank you, @Max144 ! If you are new to Hosting, learn from Airbnb Ambassadors like Vidal in a free Hosting class.


Share your best tips for showcasing your listings extra touches! Do you let the reviews speak for themselves like Max or do you highlight them in your listing?


Please share your comments and any more questions you may have for us to put to the Host Ambassadors!

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*Ask an Ambassador is an educational series designed to let Ambassadors answer questions and provide suggestions for your debut listing.  The views and opinions expressed in this series are the Ambassador's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Airbnb. Stays and Experiences on Airbnb are always evolving, and the information discussed in this series is subject to change.

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