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Hi, looking for critiques for my listing please


Would like more bookings than I have.



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Ciao @Alison845 

il tuo alloggio sembra molto bello e rilassante. Occhio alle foto, alcune sono sfocate come quella dell'amaca.

In una si vede la scopa e raccogli immondizia, a me non piacciono a vista e anche nel bagno chiuderei la tavoletta per la foto. Il divano Chester in pelle è bellissimo ma da valorizzare con foto migliori scattate di giorno.

Consiglio: crea una o più guide da inserire nel tuo annuncio ; )

Re: Critique my listing - Alison845 in New York, NY

Takoma Park, MD
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@Alison845  For me, your listing shows up on the AirBnB UK site. Is that a mistake or glitch? The currency is shown in pounds sterling. It looks like you are US based, so I'm a bit confused by that. 


I plugged in a Friday-Sunday in October. It came up as $248/night with a cleaning fee of about $125. I don't know your market, but  it looks like you got hit on value in your several reviews. 


I'm not saying to lower your prices, but I don't know if they make you competitive in your market. I say stick to a price that you feel is appropriate for your property if you want to attract better guests. 


Otherwise, it looks absolutely lovely and I'd book in a minute (if that were a travel destination for me.)

With a lovely place and good reviews, you should not have any problem filling up your calendar once you get established. Good luck. 


Re: Critique my listing - Alison845 in New York, NY

Woodridge, NY
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@Alison845 I just checked and the amounts are in pounds.   Your place looks lovely. - tastefully set up.   I also have a place in Woodridge and luckily we have been doing well.  I followed the recommendation on pricing to make sure I don't price too high or too low.   I would review you listing to make sure it is USA.


Good luck!

Re: Critique my listing - Alison845 in New York, NY

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Your photos need a bit of curating.   For example, the blurry grass with just a bit of the hammock showing? Several could be eliminated for revealing little to nothing, or for duplication.  

When I was starting out, the photos were a nightmare for me.  I accidentally went “live” with an upside-down close-up of one of my chickens as my listing photo😳🤭Even funnier was getting 3 requests to book while I was trying to fix it 🤣


You have a beautiful place - happy hosting!

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