Critique my listing - Phi in San Jose CA, US

San Jose, CA
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Hi everyone,my listing is new and I really want to stand out in my area where there’s quite a few similar options to mine.  Please help me improve.  Thank you so much!


~ Phi 


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Re: Critique my listing - Phi in San Jose CA, US

Sayulita, Mexico
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@Phi6868  Looks very nice. Photo gallery is good and photos are clear. I like the way you have managed to strike a balance between cozy and minimalistic. 

The only photo I would play around with is the one of the outdoor seating area. It's a really nice area, but the photo looks washed out, as it was probably taken when the sun was blazing- maybe edit it to create more constrast, which will make it pop.


The only thing I would change if I were you is to lower the max guest count to 8.  Forget the air mattress- once you start mentioning things like air mattresses, guests can get the idea that it's okay to cram more people in, plus an air mattress might be okay in some rustic cabin, but really doesn't go with your upscale place.


And you only have enough comfortable living room, dining room, and outdoor seating for 8, so why advertise for 10? 


And the higher the guest count, the more likely to attract partiers.

Re: Critique my listing - Phi in San Jose CA, US

Gros Islet, Saint Lucia
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Your listing is very attractive.  You need to include a fee for extra guests, like $25-40 per person after the first two guests.  Right now, the rate is same for 1 or 10 persons.  You will definitely attract party people, and low-end renters.  I'd also suggest raising the cleaning fee.  You are offering too many amenities that will require cleaning and maintenance.

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