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Hi there! We are new as Airbnb Hosts. In May we converted our primary bedroom into an Airbnb guest suite. We have been booked up this summer luckily, but the fall looks dreary! We have gotten in many 5* reviews however we keep getting 4* for value/location. The thing is our neighbor's Airbnb (literally right next to our Airbnb) gets 5* for their location so I'm a bit confused why we keep getting pegged on it! As well, we aren't showing in listings - they are shown everywhere. Plus the entire area is super expensive to rent an Airbnb in. I've chosen to not go with that trend and charge lower, but we keep losing stars on value. I've been open in the profile about what we offer. Maybe there is something I'm not seeing?? Advice would be great on our listing - how to appear in searches, and why we keep getting marked down on those items above. 


Lastly - We've been so busy this summer that I haven't had a chance to redo the deck stain. Have some time earmarked in Sept to redo the deck and the image for it, so please ignore that one for now!




Rachel & Simoon

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Re: Critique my listing - Rachel from Sooke, BC

Sooke, Canada
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Unfortunately no ocean views, but thank you for your attempt!

Re: Critique my listing - Rachel from Sooke, BC

Lusby, MD
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@Rachel2139 Very lovely rental. 

A question—is there a dining area or are the table and bar stools used for both dining and dedicated work space?


A suggestion. I would not say in the listing, “we do not pretend to be a 5* hotel—why give anyone any ideas to give you a lower rating? I don’t pretend my STR is the Ritz Carlton, but the effort I put into it deserves 5*, which to-date, I have accomplished. 

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