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Hello all.


I am new to hosting and had a guest stay for one night at the weekend. Not only did he smoke in the non-smoking apartment (cigarette ash everywhere and a sock over the smoke alarm), there was also a drink spilt which has left the carpet stained. I have pictures from my cleaner. He has left me a review, but I obviously can't see it until I submit one. Should I use the report guest button, or is that being OTT? I'm a little confused also as his reviews all show as positive.





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@Helen2681 I’ve had a very similar situation. As it turned out, the guest was actually a worker of the person who booked and I was not informed of this until after the fact. 
it is important to stay professional in your dealings with this guest. Send a request for money with photos using the “Request Money” found at the bottom of the Reservation  Details.  Keep it factual. I do like to add dissapointed as that word is a trigger for a lot of people.   “I’m very disappointed that you have disregarded the no smoking rule. My cleaner has forwarded me these photos of the sock on the smoke alarm and ashes everywhere. In addition, the apartment smells badly of cigarettes smoke. ARemovjng thr cigarette smell will take xxx.  Also there is a large stain on the carpet which will require xxx.”  I am requesting xxx for additional cleaning .”


I would not write the review until the issue is resolved and if they fess up then the review will state it issue generically but with the addendum that they made it right.  “Guest did not follow one of my rules but did quickly compensate for the inconvenience.”  
If they deny or ignore your request for compensation, in 72 hours you can escalate your request to AIRBNB Resolution Centre. At that point, I would do the review and lock his in. 
You do run the risk that as soon as you make a request for money, the guest can change their review but I don’t think everyone knows they can do that.  Alternatively, write an honest review now detailing the smoking breach to warn other hosts and lock his in and then ask for money.  If the person had been good in all aspects prior, I do like to give them a chance to make it right. 
IMO you don’t need to report the account. Just check off “No, I would not host them again”

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