There’s many different facets to preparing your listing for the Airbnb website, all of which can impact how guests discover you. In this series Maximise your listing we are looking at things that can affect your SEO - your search engine optimisation (the search engine being the Airbnb platform!) 


Your listing title and description act as keywords - the former having more weight in the search results. You’ll want to make a clear and legible title that also has a lot of keywords in it to get a nice read and top search ranking. Don’t fall into the trap of having a series of keywords instead of a title but also don’t make your title too light that it doesn’t hit anything your guests might be looking for, e.g. “Comfy cottage in the Malverns.”


Have you thought about how your listing title impacts your search optimisation? Any tips you’ve learnt worked well?


It’s important to review that title regularly to make sure you’re getting your bang for your buck! 





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Great topic any further information would be appreciated.


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