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Hello Community, 


This is my first time hosting. I have a timeshare I rarely use so I'm trying to create an income out of it. What would be any areas of concern that i should be worried about. Please advise. 


I'm also getting a little confused when it comes to pricing. 


Any advice helps. 




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@Stephania17 @Emiel1 


Yes, a good place to start, but be advised, there is no "host guarantee". By airbnb's own definition, it is neither a guarantee or any kind of insurance. In most cases, it delivers little, if any security. 


As a host, you are on your own. Really. Use that as a frame of reference as you move forward. You don't have to believe this now, but after you experience your first "bad" guest, you'll understand what I mean. 


Good luck. Watch your back! 

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Hi @Stephania17 just a heads-up I moved this to our New to Hosting board where you might have more replies. 


Thank you 


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@Stephania17 I am not sure what type of timeshare you have but is it allowed that you list it on a short term rental site?

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