New to hosting - weird guest

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New to hosting - weird guest


So this is my first ever hosting, and it's for a room within my house. If it matters, I'm a single, 30-something female living alone. My first guest came, and he immediately asked my policy on marijuana smoking and informed me of his status of a nudist. I told him I wasn't comfortable with either and he said ok, but now I'm feeling weird having him in my house. Has this happened to anyone else? Am I just being a prude and should see how it goes?

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He should've disclosed being a nudist before he arrived. Was it in his description or did anyone of his former host mention that?

No, it wasn't something he disclosed at all. 

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@Nichole103 two thoughts

1) Nudist is surely entirely up to him as long as he keeps his clothes on in your shared areas.

2) Do you know you are allowed to limit your guests to females if it would make you more comfortable?

2) I didn't know that - thanks! I'll look into that