No Short Term Rentals for Leasse - Modular Homes - New Orleans (US - Worldwide)

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I am an Architect, native to New Orleans. In my office we have been throwing around some ideas about cool modular homes that we would be able to assemble on site temporarily.

We want to test these designs on the Airbnb market but are running into difficulty.  Our goal is to encourage tourism in areas outside of just our downtown by leasing sites for 12 months and locating one of our homes there. Moving it to new locations as we see fit at the end of the lease. (We are aware of the zoning ordinances and would comply to the neighborhood requirements)

Our issue is that apparently to obtain a Short Term Rental permit, we must own the property. As a leasee we would not be eligible to apply 😞


Has anyone incurred similar local laws? It appears to be an effort to “protect a neighborhood’s fabric”, but this type of blanket legislation heightens the entry barrier for new Airbnb host to exclusively property owners.


I wont go into political war between the hotel industry and the ctiy’s STR community on this post. Im more curious to know if I am correct in my interpretation of the law, and as to how other host in New Orleans and beyond with similar laws have dealt with this kind of legislation.


Thanks for thanking the time to read, any feedback will be appreciated 🙂



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