Please help - I haven't had any bookings yet

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Hi all, 


I'm a new host on Airbnb, my advert is active from August and until now I haven't had any booking through this portal. I had guests booking through other websites but not Airbnb. I've been trying to put prices down, create special discounts, nothing helps at all. Maybe you can suggest what can be done to move it a little bit? 


Ps. One of my friends also hasn't been receiving any bookings through Airbnb for almost 2 years and no-one knows why. Suddenly last month he got his first one but I really don't want to wait that long! 


Thank you for all you help in advance! 

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Re: Please help - I haven't had any bookings yet

Balearic Islands, Spain
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So, I looked at your listing... Just a few comments.. 


It looks ok. The lighting in the photos could be better, but I don't think that's what's holding you back (although photos are important). The description reads pretty well, although in the "the space" category you didn't write anything about the space, just how close it is to the airport and beach, which you repeat in the next section (credibility?). But also I can't believe that's what's holding you back. 


Price-wise, I did, trial check for 3 people for the next few days, and it's 28€ per night, which is so cheap, it's almost free (7€ per person per night). Might be a bit too cheap. But I also think that not likely your main problem here. 


I think you mainly have 2 things working against you, the first being you have no reviews or history, so you're not showing up on the first few pages of search results.


And even if they find you.. No reviews, which is a red flag for some (although your listing looks reasonably credible).


But your prices are "almost free" (unbelievable?). This in combination with no reviews and anything imperfect in your description is problematic. 


Plus, people are still reluctant to travel.. and when they do, they need to be sure.. Winter's coming, Europeans are going to be looking for getaways soon... 


You really need some good reviews. Take really good care of your guests, make sure they're happy. And I'd raise your prices a little. Maybe put up some better photos. And make your description really clear and perfectly written. Don't repeat yourself. 


Then just be patient.. I think... 

Re: Please help - I haven't had any bookings yet

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@Dariusz22  In addition to being thus-far unreviewed, one thing that will cause prospective guests to be skeptical is your empty profile. This is doubly true when your House Rules require guests to send sensitive ID data prior to their stay, to a "we," even though no other hosts are indicated in the listing. People might book with more confidence if you use a picture of yourself rather than a swimming pool, supply the name of your co-host(s), and give a little info about your hospitality style and what degree of interaction guests can expect. You don't have to tell your life story here - you just want to inspire trust that you and your listing are genuine, to whoever is intrepid enough to take a chance on you.

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