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Why in the world can't I make my price that I set in my listing match up with the actual listing. I have it set for $399 and then after I list, it's at $319.  Then it shows it as a special discount that I don't think I applied.  The website is driving me crazy.

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Bellingham, WA

Yes, I am new. Awesome—thank you so much! This is very helpful. How do I turn off the 20% discount?

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are you new? airbnb applies a special discount of 20% for your first 3 bookings, you need to turn that off.  often those bookings will happen after your actual first 3, which sucks.
i recommend a lower price initially (but not 20%!) and a limited calendar when you start out, only have 4 weeks open. get those first few bookings done asap, to get a few reviews through. you need these first experiences to work out what's working and what to change, and just be totally honest with guests that you're new and i am sure they will be helpful (people love it when you value their opinion) and understanding. 

once you've honed the listing, and have all the things you need and everything is perfect (spoiler: that doesn't happen in the first year) then you can adjust your pricing up to match your bookings. We are currently always booked out 8 weeks in advance for fri/sat so i'm slowing inching my pricing up $5~10. I know if it doesn't work i can drop it back and we'll be booked, but so far i keep making a new "base" price for fri/sat. you'll work this pricing out for your property too. 

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Hi Gillian

How do you turnn/switch off the first three listing offer? We just listed our home and it doesn't appear to be offering the discount


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  Usually, when I go to someone’s profile, i can see their listings.


in you case, I do not see any listing under your AirBNB profile, therefore I cannot check or validate what a potential guest sees when looking at your pricing.


sorry, I Whish i could have helped


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