any hosts from Jefferson county WV

Harpers Ferry, WV
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I'm very confuse on how to go about taxes in Jefferson county WV, if any hosts how some guidance I will really appreciate. In the Airbnb page says that they collect from the guests, do we received any information for us to do taxes at the end of the year? What else do we need to do with taxes? also what kind of license is need to run the airbnb? 



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Re: any hosts from Jefferson county WV

Swannanoa, NC
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@Susana640   When you accept a guest reservation, you will see a breakdown of the fees and taxes that AirBnB has collected from the guest in addition to what you will be paid for the booking.   There are ways to get this information printed out, but I find it much easier to keep a simple spreadsheet noting each type of payment.  That way I can quickly complete the monthly tax forms required by my rental property location in North Carolina.


As to your question about licensing, you need to investigate your local laws.  Talking to a real estate professional or visiting your local municipal office may help you find out more.  

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