Instant book - bug?

Instant book - bug?

I was looking at my listing through a private window trying to see how it was showing in the rankings when i noticed that when I turned on the filter for instant book properties my listing disappears?


The problem is that I am set up for instant booking.


Anyone got any thoughts about why this happens?

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@James2743Do you have some filters for who can book instantly? When you use the incognito mode you will not see your listing bc you will not comply with your instant booking filters


Remove all filters and try again

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I don’t use IB, so cannot help you there.
But agree with @Maia0 :


Other glitches may appear when searching incognito, with search settings that you KNOW should make your listing show up in searches.


I had changed the property type from Guest House  (sub category under Secondary Unit) to Cabin (sub category under House). When searching for all types of properties, my listing would show up. But when I would specify my search to Houses, it would not.  In a way it makes sense, a cabin is not a house. But acc to Airbnb categorization, it is. And in searches, you can only choose between House, Apartment, Guest House and Hotel. So I assumed that if the listing was a Cabin, it would show up in searches for House, as acc to Airbnb, Cabins are Houses. But no. Changed my search to Guest Houses, and my listing still did not come up.


The weird thing is that the main category Secondary Unit is not a valid choice when searching, but the sub category Guest House is. So it seems the segmentation is not the same when hosts register their listings, and when guests search. Could it be that some of the property types you can choose for your listing, don’t correspond to any of the property types in searches - or correspond to one that does not make sense? I ended up changing my listing’s property type back to Secondary Unit - Guest House. Now it shows again.

I'll have a play around. But I don't think this applies to mine. It's only the instant book that makes it disappear. Either way it is certainly buggy.

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Yeah, I do the same thing as well-check out my listing in an incognito window. I'll put the parameters in the I know I have, and then my listing doesn't show up. There have been a TON of glitches lately with the search/filter. I've tried to call and inquire, and I never get anywhere.

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