Issue with Cleaning Company`

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Huntington Beach, CA

Issue with Cleaning Company`

I had a Back to back Reservation, guest checked in at 4:30pm, at 5:30pm he messaged me, reporting many ant over the Kitchen Counter. He decided to cancel his Reservation ($1,200), and requested a full refund.


He did send me photos, and I granted him a full refund.  I contacted the Cleaning Company, to inform them of the cancelled Reservation, and the reason why.


The next day, they treated the area, they then sent me an invoice for the Cleaning service and the Ant treatment.


Am I correct in feeling angry about the Cleaning Charge?

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"My issue is, that the part of the cleaner's duty is t check the unit, prior to it making it available for the guests..."


I think that should fall under management, not cleaners nor repair people or anyone else except the 'owner'.

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@Malcolm33   If the guest complained that the property in general was not clean, then I would contest the additional cleaning fee assessed.  This would also be a discussion with the cleaning company management to verify what steps they are taking when they clean.  If they are sending random teams, one teams cleaning may be better than another's.  Review your contract.


If the guest complained that the property had ants in the kitchen because the kitchen was not clean, then I would pay both the additional cleaning fee assessed and for the pest treatment.  Ants follow pheromone trails that have to be cleaned with vinegar, baking soda or a product with orange oil in it.  The cleaner can wipe everything down and ants can be present almost immediately if the trail is not eradicated.  







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Malcolm your cleaning company has nothing to do with your guest. you and or your co host should always check the home just before guests arrival otherwise what happens between the cleaners and you is not an Airbnb issue.... H

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Hi Helen,


My issue is, that the part of the cleaner's duty is t check the unit, prior to it making it available for the guests. maybe I did not clarify, but the cleaners actually completed their service at 4pm (later than I expect), and the guest Checked in 30 minutes after they had completed the service.


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@Malcolm33 Cleaners are cleaners, not pest control. Unfortunately, ants, spiders, or any kind of insect can stop by at anytime—even 30 minutes later. That’s why it is never a good idea to do back-to-back reservations.  

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@Gwen386  lol, cos ants only arrive on the same day? 

we do back to backs all the time and if anything, that helps to avoid surprise bug infestations. 


Last week our cottage was empty for 2 nights, we didnt' do the vacuum/mop until the day of guest arrival, and we found a LOT of dead tiny slugs (not sure what these are called, tiny slugs that leave silver trails over your floors and can enter/leave via fly screens). I've seen them before but it's clear when the cottage is empty -even for 2 nights- the bugs call a house party. 


but otherwise agree that cleaners have little control over what the local ant community decides to do today. 


and some princess guest cancelling due to ants, good grief. get a cloth and wipe them away.  Humans are aware we share the planet with insects, right? I pray I never encounter Australians who ever do such a thing. I will probably grant them a refund and then be a total unprofessional d**K and tell them to hand over their passport too.   

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