Absolutely disappointed with Airbnb & their Host guarantee

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Absolutely disappointed with Airbnb & their Host guarantee

A guest put the iron face down on our carpet, melting an iron shaped mark under the table.


The guest admitted that they had caused the damage.


I messaged Airbnb support requesting information about how best to deal with this. Many unhelpful and repetitive messages back and forward, not actually answering my questions. 


I followed their procedure and gave the guest the base cost of our own insurance excess. After 72 hrs I tried to involve Airbnb, but because guest had paid excess, they considered case closed.


After many more multiple messages, which turned into emails, they asked why the large cost?


Our apartment is not large. The bedroom comes off the dining/living where the damage occurred. Unfortunately the exact same carpet is no longer available (only 2.5yrs old but now same colour is only available in higher or lower grade pile). Which means all carpeted areas need replacing, perhaps 30m2 max.


Once they realised that the cost was correct, Airbnb has come back with a technicality, not mentioning the cost again.


The 14 day/next guest clause.


The guest who checked out on 11th Dec caused the damage. The apartment was empty (our choice) until being cleaned on 19th ready for guests. This is when damage was noticed by cleaner.


Same day, guests were contacted, along with Airbnb. But because message to Airbnb was not until 7.58pm and check in for next guests was FROM 3pm, now they are saying any claim is not applicable. 


Airbnb collect money from guests and hosts but then won't pay out when a guest admits damage?!


Shame on you Airbnb.

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Yes I feel you especially when Airbnb distinctly says they cover all costs if anything goes wrong when you sign up, or at least that's what's implied.

@Michelle2137 thanks. Implied is definitely the key word there. Others I have spoken with say it depends on who you get as a case manager... Variability and poor host support around this is not a very good business plan in my opinion.

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@Simone939    I have said many times that their "Million-dollar-host-guarantee" is simply a gimmick, designed to falsely put hosts minds' at ease.   Airbnb has attached so many stipulations, the process so frustrating, making it virtually impossible to collect a dime. That's why it is so important to have your own insurance.    There are many posts like yours in this forum--I'm sorry this happened to you.  😕

@Ann489 thanks. I wonder why Airbnb is actually allowed to get away with this and why they haven't been taken to task on it? Surely there is something as a group that hosts can do, because without hosts they have no business?

@Simone939   that's a whole, different story, sigh.   Airbnb does not really care about the little small-fry hosts anymore that helped make Airbnb what it is.  All that seems to matter now are those big, multi-property hosts who bring in the big bucks.    

Not sure if you ever heard of "Skift".     Skift is the largest travel industry intelligence platform.  They were hosting their STR Summit in NY in this December.  This event was for 'high-level audiences" only. $595-895 to attend. The most interesting thing to me is that the guest speaker at this event was none other than Airbnb's own Margaret Richardson, VP of Trust.
Take a look at the topics to be discussed. This should have every little host worried.75407698_10221174583615428_6312579538219958272_o.jpg



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I know it’s too late now that the damage is done to your place, but when you do get it fixed, you might want to consider providing a clothing steamer that gets wrinkles out faster than an iron and won’t melt fabric. I have one that I got off amazon for about $40 and it’s absolutely amazing because it heats up in less than 30 seconds and I know that I don’t have to worry about pressing the heat against my clothes too long or wonder what setting I need to have it on. It takes way less time to do an article of clothing too, so that in itself is a reason why you should have one!! They just need to make sure it’s off when they are done, or the water will empty and start to “smoke” a little with some vapor looking stuff, but it’s just the indicator that there is no water left. that really sucks that the guests did that. I just recently started renting out my place and I haven’t had anything like that happen, so I am grateful. I did however find out that I am missing one of my good hand towels, but I don’t know which guest it was, cause 3 have stayed since I’ve seen it and I don’t think my housekeeper pays that close attention to MY towels.