Can a host demand emptying of council garbage bins?

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Can a host demand emptying of council garbage bins?

Can a host demand payment for emptying of council garbage bins upon leaving if the bins are emptied weekly and fortnightly, and the checkout date is in-between? There was nothing about this in the house description/rules.

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Hi @Vitaly36 not sure of the context, but as a host, I've only ever once had to arrange for council bins to be emptied in between pickup cycles because the guests had a party and the rubbish was insane/overflowing. There wouldn't have been any room for any other guest rubbish deposits. They did acknowledge that their rubbish was beyond the normal and left me some cash to cover a trip to the tip.


You didn't say if the bins were empty when you found/used them? Did you generate more rubbish than normally expected? ie did you have a party? 


Is this a new host/new property listing? Perhaps they are still learning how much rubbish is generated and how to manage it?


I will say I also now pay for an 2xadditional bin pickup from the council so that my garbage and recycle bins are never overflowing in the 2 week cycle if we happen to be full with guests. (So I have 4 bins).  I was close to dangerously full towards the end of the cycle running only 1 bin in anycase.

Without more context, can't really help much more,

Kind regs