Dilemma Regarding Guest Feedback

Dilemma Regarding Guest Feedback

Hello Airbnb hosts! I hope everyone's doing well. I recently encountered a situation that left me pondering, and I'm turning to this community for some guidance.

Here's the scenario: A recent guest provided feedback that caught me off guard. They mentioned issues like a malfunctioning appliance and minor cleanliness concerns that I wasn't aware of during their stay. Given that I strive to offer a comfortable and clean space, this feedback has left me a bit disheartened.

Now, I'm contemplating whether to address the feedback publicly on my listing or handle it privately with the guest. On one hand, I want potential future guests to see that I'm attentive to feedback and committed to improvement. On the other hand, I'm wary of appearing defensive or overly critical in a public response.

I'm keen to hear how other hosts handle unexpected feedback. Do you tend to respond publicly, privately, or both? How do you balance maintaining a positive image while addressing valid concerns?

Any insights or advice based on your experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your input.

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@William2458  Yes you should respond to the review publicly. You are responding to your future guests. Your response should be empathetic and without emotion and also what you are doing to improve the situation for future guests. 
It is understood that it is hard to respond without emotion. I will try to wait to respond a day or two to cool down lol. 
Also what is extremely helpful is using Chat GPT to form a response. I use it often for many different situations. 

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@William2458 You don't appear to have any reviews or even a listing so it is quite hard to comment.

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