Hot tub broke while a guest was there and they were unable to use it

Hot tub broke while a guest was there and they were unable to use it

A recent guest said the hot tub never got above 80 even though it was over 90 out.  Do hosts ever give any refunds for unfortunate circumstances?

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@Laura-Lee4   We have had this happen I think twice.  We have given the guests a choice of a partial refund or a free night another time if they want to stay,  or a full refund if they want to cancel. 


Our guests mostly tend to book because of the Hot Tubs, so I fully understand if this isn't available to them they would be disappointed.  

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@Laura-Lee4  While to you it's an unfortunate circumstance, to the guest it's a listed amenity that is not working. You are the host, and you make decisions about how to make things right, regardless of what anyone in the Community Center says. I'd provide some kind of refund for the non-working hot tub. 

Thank you!  We do have one in the master bathroom and she was forewarned before check in that is was working but had acted up all of a sudden.  The guest said it would be fine.  She also never told me for over 30 hours.  I could have done something about it if she would have told me sooner.  She just complained instead.

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@Laura-Lee4  Hi Laura. I would love an answer as well for your question because my dish washer is currently down.  Eileen

I would let guests know it's broken and see what the response is.  Many people don't even use my kitchen.