I reported something stolen and there were some damages in the room after one of my guests left.

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I reported something stolen and there were some damages in the room after one of my guests left.

So, I just found something after rearranging one of my listings furniture. A guest decided to move around some of the furniture and re-distribute some of them. I was welcoming the idea and didn't mind at all. 


Surprisingly i found a missing frame and an old poster that i reported stolen with Airbnb. 


What do i do at this point ? Airbnb compensated me and even though i looked all over the room for that poster apparently it was stuff behind my couch all this time. 


The thing is, the guest was extremely rude when i asked him the first time. And replied to me saying, " I dont need to prove that I stole or damaged anything in your room" and was very defensive. My reaction at the time, made me feel this guy doesnt want to help and I found damages in my bed board and the wall was hit by something that doesnt exceed the height of a child. He had two children with him and his "wife" which turned out later with the drawings the children made that he lied. They were not his wife or kids. As the paintings mentioned his name saying "Thank you best neighbour ever and mentioning the guest with his full name saying thank you for some chocolates. "


Overall it was a very strange experience. 


And due to his reaction, it made me feel he did not even want to help clarify anything. 

A week later, after i confronted him and he refused to even come back and help me clarify where is my stolen frame and poster and the damages in the room. 

Somehow my main gates lock were stolen. 


It somehow turned into a spiral of problems. 


Thankfully airbnb compensated me. But now my question is how can i return the money that was compensated for the poster atleast. I feel heavy as i found it last night. Disregarding the damage and the experience. He did not infact steel the frame and old poster. 


So what's the right thing to do? 

Any advice ? 

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