Speak up! Ask parliamentary members to stop Mais Habitação

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Speak up! Ask parliamentary members to stop Mais Habitação

Did anyone receive the message below from the Airbnb team and what did you do with it?



We are contacting you after the President of the Republic vetoed the approval of the "Mais Habitação" proposal last August 21.

The Portuguese Parliament has now to evaluate again the proposal and Airbnb believes that it is crucial that you, at the core of the Hosts community, continue to raise your voice to urge the relevant Parliamentary members to respect the veto and refrain from approving this regulation that has not been agreed with the Portuguese society, the President of the Republic and the European regulation, and that will have irreparable damages for the Alojamento Local sector and the thousands of Portuguese families that depend on this activity.

Please take a few minutes to check the information below to consider joining this initiative.



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Hi @Eize10, Thanks for sharing this in our Community.


It might be a good idea to share this in our >Portuguese Community Center where Hosts from Portugal can share their experiences.




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