What would you do? No hot water...

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Warners Bay, Australia

What would you do? No hot water...

Hi, our first guests have stayed this long weekend, and unfortunately on their second night (last night), the hot water stopped working. My husband drove up there first thing this morning - Sunday - (an hour 15), and we were lucky enough to get an emergency electrician to come out. The element was blown, and it was fixed at a cost of $350 to us. I offered the guests an extra fee night, or if they couldn't stay, a full day late check out (usually 11am); they can't do either. Would you now offer a partial refund? Or a discount for another stay? Or leave it as is? They were very nice about it. Just absolutely rotten timing. Thanks!

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Hey @Cerian3 , I hope you're well 😊. I was wondering what did you do at the end? Which option did you go for?

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@Cerian3 If they are chilled about it then leave it.