private listing

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Miami, Florida, United States

private listing

Is it possible to have a offline listing that can only be shared privatly to make reservations?

Not public to the internet?


Thank you in advance=d 

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If I am not mistaken, all that data should already be registered in airbnb and there should be no need for you to send it. It is also extremely suspicious how they are asking you to pay before seeing the place. If you ask me, those are red flags all around.

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Hi, I was very excited about this one. But i'm starting to think it's also a scam please help.

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Omg, I booked the place and now they send me an invoice. And I want to double check so I search google and found this thread. Will I be taken any money then if I did not make the bank transfer yet to their bank account?

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England, United Kingdom

@Carla1464 Its a scam. Thankfully you are someone who believes in the old adage  If its too good to be true then it is too good to be true.

Have just had a similar situation with a person called Iona Millar, supposedly works in China as an engineer. She has an accomplice called William Johnson who may try to contact you first. The apartment is on Aberdeen Road in Highbury, London. 

Luckily I knew it  was a scam from the beginning and didn't send any details across but was curious to see how far they would go to try to get my money. She'll send you a photo of her passport- it's still a scam. Don't engage. 

why are you even talking about NON-AIRBNB addresses?

I have a situation with a host that claims that in order to view that apartment I  "must pay the first month rent and security deposit to Airbnb." I found this listing on facebook and was given her email contact. She is asking for some personal information like a picture of my drivers license, age, phone number, and full name. She is saying that after I send this, she can conclude the lease agreement with Airbnb and an Airbnb agent will contact me to pay for the booking.

I am looking to rent long term but I am afraid of getting scammed. I cant find her apartment listing on Airbnb and I want to know if this is normal and if I should give her my personal information over email?

Please help me out!!

If I am not mistaken, all that data should already be registered in airbnb and there should be no need for you to send it. It is also extremely suspicious how they are asking you to pay before seeing the place. If you ask me, those are red flags all around.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Hey, I already have a very bad feeling with this as I cant get to the app from here, and because of the numbers afyer the airbnb. But I wanted to ask if you can confirm that this is fake:


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CABA, Argentina

It is, my company firewall just come up (it allows me to enter the regular Airbnb)

Hi, i was wondering if you could tell me if this i a genuine link or not?

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Lille, France

No! False

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Toronto, Canada

Hi I feel like Im dealing with a similar

situation. Here's the link, if anyone could help would be great.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

It's a false link 

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Ray1617  That isn't an Airbnb URL. 

Huge fraud just caught so be careful guys and I got blocked by the person as well.Screenshot_20210902-105236.jpg

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Auckland, New Zealand

The general pattern for scammers goes like this:

1) You respond to an add on a property rental webite

2) They send you an email asking for info about yourself to prove you are genuine

3) They say your can't view the property because they are out of town, but the transaction can be done via Airbnb

4) If you ask for more details about the property they don't provide them

5) Instead they explain how Airbnb works (or doesn't!!) in ever more patronising terms - the less sophisticated ones may start shouting at you (using capitals)


Be very suspicious if:

The rental price is too good to be true

You can't reconcile the pictures on the add with the streetview of the address (e.g. balcony fret work, window frame colours etc)


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have a lady here in Dubai, UAE

She send me the link for her place

I can’t open it on the app only via browser

I will rent it monthly

She lives in UK but she rent the place here

How I will know that she is not scamming or if it’s a scam how I can get my money back?!!!

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London, United Kingdom

@Emad34  If you can’t open the listing link via the Airbnb app, then the link she has sent you probably isn’t taking you to the genuine Airbnb website- it’s probably taking you to one that looks like it!


If you make a payment that isn’t through the genuine Airbnb site you won’t be able to get your money back via Airbnb if it is a scam.


Would you like to share the link here?

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Thank you for your reply

Here is the link if you can check it, please

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