Alterations - Change Price, Number of Guests, Check-in or Check-out Dates: A Community Help Guide

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Alterations - Change Price, Number of Guests, Check-in or Check-out Dates: A Community Help Guide

Some guests who have booked with you may want to stay longer or cut their trip short.  They can make changes themselves but sometimes might ask you if you can make the changes.  Follow the steps below to make changes.  The guest will have to approve the changes but since they are usually the ones who request them, I can't see why they would not approve them.


NOTE: It is important to understand that when making alterations (also called change requests) that you check everything over before submitting it as the numbers are often not right, sort of.  You see, when you make an alteration request, the entire reservation is recalculated with your CURRENT RATES.  So, if you lowered your rates and you just take the calculation, you could be receiving a lot less.  It is the same as well for the guest.  Often, a guest submits an alteration request and they compla that the amount increased hundreds of dollars if they add or delete one night and cannot understand why.  This is because it uses your current rates not just for the one night but for ALL nights.  So make sure you check out the details and if the amount is incorrect, make it correct in the subtotal box.


Step 1: From the top menu bar, select "Host" and choose "Your Reservations".  Find the guest you want to make the changes for and select the "Change or Cancel" link.




Step 2: Find the guest you want to make the changes for and select the "Change or Cancel" link.





Step 3: Select "Change Reservation". 




Step 4: You can then change the price of your listing, the listing (if you have more than one), the check-in or check-out dates and the number of guests. IMPORTANT: Make sure you include the cleaning fee and any extra guest charges in the subtotal section.  Often this will be calculated in the subtotal but as I mentioned earlier, this recalculates the entire reservation.  Once you are happy with the changes, choose "Submit Alteration"




Step 5: Your guest will then be asked if they accept the requested change and if they do, the new changes will be reflected in the reservation.

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Belgrade, Serbia

I am a new host. At the registration I set the same price for 1 guest and for 4 guests, and I would like to change that now, but I do not know how to do that. Can someone help me, please?

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Chandler, AZ


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You need to change your listing first - a listing that can accommodate six will not take a change to accommodate 9. When the change is made, you can return your lisiting to accommodate 6.

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Maryland, United States

@Marit0Ann thanks for this info. When is the best time to make the change, when the guest requests, or after they book for the lower number of people?

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Maryland, United States

This information is helpful for sure! thanks. I've tried it though and since I have 6 on my listing (but when requested can accomodate 8 or 9, thus the extra person fee) Airbnb won't let me increase the number of guests on the reservation even at this Change Reservation page. Any suggestions?


This way would much better/cleaner than a Special Offer - folks think they are getting a deal with that versus having to pay the extra for the extra people. I appreciate the tips.

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Colorado Springs, CO

What a nightmare! How do I change the amount of guests to cover the damage and use of over 20 people?

My guests supposedly arrived with the amount of 2 adults 1 infant as reserved. I welcomed them by phone and let them know where the key was located and we'd see them later in the evening or first thing the following day.


The following day when I arrived on site to welcome them I was in shock to find trailers, four wheelers, motorcycles, crockpots cooking in bathrooms and on the deck with extension cords, a rifle and bullets on my deck with my well head having been taken off to be used for target practice. The doors were wide open, with chipmunks running OUT my door. No one was around as they had apparently left for the lake. I was in shock. My furniture was moved with beds everywhere and all the extra bedding from the closets were in use. Plants had been moved off of the shelf and a basket ball hoop and backboard was attached to my bathroom door. Backpacks, suitcases, cpap machines, footwear and clothing for every gender, size and age was thrown throughout the home and in piles. The odor in the home was over powering and offensive. The kitchen and dining room were disaster areas and the deck and patio furniture were moved to make room for the shooting gallery and target practice from off my deck. The motorcycles and SUV vehicles and trucks that were coming and going created ruts in my driveway and yard, that will require me to hire large equipment to repair. I will need to replace a large portion of my linens and towels due to heavy soiling with mud and God knows what. And the cleaning service will be extensive due to the cloth furniture reeking of wet rank odor, requiring a wet vac deep clean. My wood floors require attention where wet towels and bedding were left to sit and start to mildew.

And guess what folks? These were my second set of guests, my first being family. I'm new to this, so I'm rethinking sharing our beautiful home at Red Earth Ranch in Westcliffe, Colorado. I'M TOTALLY BUMMED! The guests declined the alteration change.

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Fairport, NY

The wet towels on the floor of Colorado home started to mildew after less than a day?  Did you find out how to charge for the extra people and damages?

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South Carolina, United States

Oh my God that sounds like a scene from a frat movie! Thanks for the heads up because I'm brand new to this hosting too!

i hope you never have guests like those people again.

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Santa Rosa, CA

@Tonda-And-Joe0: THIS is what the ABB $1M policy is for. I know you hav pix of what your beautiful home looked like before. You MUST'VE taken photos when you were there. That's enough for ABB usually to kick in and help you.  GOOD LUCK!

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Northland, New Zealand

Thanks so much for this. I was able to come here last night 11pm and sort a guest hiccup easy peasy.  . Feeling empowered 🙂 

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Hội An, Vietnam

My house have 3 bedrooms (6pax) and i have 1 listing of entire house (called A) and listing for each room (called A1, A2, A3). My guest booked 4 pax with my entire house listing (A). How can i change their reservation from listing A to listing A1 and A2?

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