Booked my first what?

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Booked my first what?

Hi Everyone, 

I've booked my first guest, they arrive in 30 days. What are my next steps? how soon before they arrive should I reach out with entry information etc?

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@Celine448 Welcome to Airbnb and the Community Center, and congratulations on your first booking!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ₯³

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Airbnb will also remind you that you guest will be arriving, 


Good advise there from @Gillian166 


Are your guest domestic or International? I have started reminding our guest to make sure they have travel insurance, 

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@Celine448  hi there, welcome and congrats on your first booking! 

ABB will send guests messages as well, usually in my case about 5 days before the trip, which is when they can no longer cancel. I send 4 messages that are scheduled. 


1 - straight after booking, thanking them, confirming the details of #guests and arrival/departure (you'd be surprised how many people book for one and then tell me they have 4 people coming, and just today a guest who booked for 1 night really wanted 2, so we were able to fix that straight away) and I remind them to read the House Rules and then I write "we'll be in touch closer to your arrival date"

2 - 3 days before arrival I send a "what to expect" message, detailing the current weather (we can have 4 seasons in one day here, so i like to warn people it's probably still chilly), yes we provide shampoos etc, feel free to ask for any winery reccos, we can send the board game list, pop any questions, etc, remind them about non-smoking rule and remind them we have 2 dogs. 

3 - at 2pm on Arrival Day we send a "your place is now ready" message and include any info that might be new just for that day, or something i really need to highlight. "there's a green quilt in the cupboard for pets, please don't use it. it is clean but we have blankets for humans in each room" etc. and again remind them we have 2 dogs roaming around and how one loves a pat and one loves tennis balls πŸ™‚ 

4 - morning of checkout 6am a brief message saying hey, no need to make beds, double check for lost property, thanks for staying, follow us on instagram, see you next time! 

in your case you might do that first message 7 days out from arrival. 

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This is really helpful! Thank you!

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