I will no longer post a bad review about a guest

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I will no longer post a bad review about a guest

I had an awful guest experience and tried to settle it with the guest personally. She stayed at a reduced rate and then needed to extend her stay. We gave her an even bigger rate discount. When she left, she left the place a mess. Dirty, greasy dishes, pots and pans. All the furniture was in dissaray, both sets of blankets/quilts had spots and stains on them, there were crumbs in all the beds on the mattress pads (which had to be hand picked off), and she ruined a set of sheets.


I took 3 days to cool off before I texted her because we really went out of our way to help this guest and she took advantage of us. I told her I was unhappy about the state of the place and asked her to pay $50 to replace the sheets. Prior to this text, she had nothing but glowing reviews and thanks for me in all her texts. She did not understand why she should have to pay for her sheets because I was a woman and the damaged sheets were a result of a "woman thing" and thus I should understand. I said I shouldn't have to pay for her "woman thing".


After much internal debate, I decided to warn other hosts and gave her an appropriate but still not brutal review, even leaving out the refusal to pay for damages and passing on her lame excuse for the mess. She then gave me a bad review, lying about my place and me. Prior to this review, I had 5 star reviews. Now people think my place is noisy and I am rude. My bookings have almost stoped dead in their tracks after her review. Plus, my 3 month pre-book for Jan-March canceled right after the review. I have contacted Airbnb twice about this to no avail. I had responded to her bad review, but not in much detail because I assumed that if I could prove it was a retaliatory review, it would be removed. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Not only will they not remove it, they won't even let me expound on my explanation to her bad review.


So frustrated! I am knee deep in the process of spending a lot of money to make my other 2 rentals Airbnb rentals and now I can't even get bookings in prime season. Airbnb penalizes us for trying to warn other hosts about bad guests.

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New South Wales, Australia

Yes, I've often wondered if leaving a negative review for a guest pushes you down the search rankings.  Based on my extremely small sample size and entirely anecdotal evidence, I strongly suspect it does.  If so, the next question is whether this form of operant conditioning could be deemed discriminatory.

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Hmmm... I have left bad reviews for guests before and have not seen it influence my listing or bookings at all.

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but it is different a guest and a house, we always read the review before renting a house, researched, looked at all the photos of the house and read the reviews of the house, now when we rent to a person we do not always read, (alias we don't have much time to read)

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Isabel is there any way that our guests can know if we are leaving a bad review? 

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@Michael4416 None. Unless you tell them.

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Harrison, NJ

@Emilia42 I can't let this go. They booked for two people and showed up with two more. I then contacted airbnb and they assigned a case manager. The same day they checked in I submitted a payment request for the two additional people. On the 3rd day I myself contacted the guest and said that he needed to pay me for the two extra people or else airbnb would file a case against him. He finally paid so that was taken care of. We have self check-in and he calls me 3am saying I never send him code to door when I had sent it 4 days before and he agreed I did and apologized. I made no bones about it they probably had a long flight and weren't thinking properly. When they left my fridge settings were changed and all the ice melted and flowed out of the fridge into the hardwood floor. The studio was a mess, after checking my cameras they smoked on the property and we are strict about no smoking on property and only outside on the street. They also threw out their cigarette butts inside the studio garbage so the place was stinking like cigarettes. They went into the dressers and closets and used brand new pillows when I already had 4 pillows out. The new pillows had to be thrown out because they didnt have covers and they smelled really bad from cigarettes and they were all stained. I'm I being too strict if I am please let me know. I'm new to this. 

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Orono, ME

@Michael4416 I would definitely write them a bad review. Keep it short and factual. Something like "XX came with 2 more guests than originally booked. Unfortunately, the studio was left in a very untidy state and extra cleaning, surpassing the $50 cleaning fee, was required. House rules were not followed and therefore, I cannot recommend XX to other hosts." Stick to the facts and do not mention any involvement from Airbnb (or they can pull your review down.) Give the guest low stars in all categories and click no you would not host them again. I would leave your review on the 14th day of the review period as close to the final hour of when you received the notification to review as you possibly can. This way it will not trigger them to write a review for you and hopefully the window will run out.

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Some of your experiences are just the hazards of the business.


I learned about leaving new sheets, pillows, anything in closets accessible to guests. I store them elsewhere now.

some guests just have entitled attitudes and are difficult. AirBNB review system seems to penalize hosts for letting future hosts know what kind of guests are coming. This renders their host feedback channels useless.  

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The review you leave about the guest will appear on the guest's profile. So of course they'll see it. I don't understand this answer.


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i think you are wrong there.I was treated like rubbish,by airbnb,had a guest rude messed my furniture,dirty,and i did not agree with his review,so put my reply.was banned from airbnb for 7 days.  and downed to 2 stars from 5.so not fair, so have now went elsewhere,and getting more bookings.

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What platform did you switch to?

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Lake George, MN

Did you get an answer to this

but if you have to do it - I think the star rating may seem harsh - I didnt know that a 3 star would mean it automatically bars a guest but that is actually appropriate but I think that my passive aggressive non checkin was designed expecting that I would not write a negative review - in effect, he would get away with giving me a hard time because I would be lenient.   But i felt it was so mean spirited that I a review had to be put down on the record because he and his friends would bother me again in the future otherwise even if they are going to bother me now.    That review was my only opportunity to respond.  Which is why I find it very strange that a concurrent guest's review is now denied me from viewing and responding to and perhaps it has damaging inaccuracies that will be a part of the permanent record on my profile.  I hope airbnb is not discriminatory as you suggest but we shall see.   It has already been  a week and I am still denied seeing his review and therefore cannot respond to it. 

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Leaving honest review is important and helps out other hosts if guest is troublesome 

I have been hosting for a long time and my last guest were every host nightmare.

The husband was nice and communicate with but his wife was very unpleasant. She said everything was wrong from not knowing how to switch the lights on to.. Everything. 

I offered them an extra day on me as I thought this would change her attitude but it only made it worse. When they left the place was the worst any guest had ever left it. There was the smell of rotten meat and fish, there was crisps all over the floor, bed, table etc.. There was water on the floor, table, and kitchen counters. Stains on the bedding and my large pedestal fan was broken. I had to get extra cleaners and after cleaning the whole day we could still not get rid of the rotten fish and meat smell in the whole flat and fridge. 

I have to right a review to warn other hosts out there but not sure how to go about it as am very still upset.


Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks. 

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Cottonwood, AZ

How to leave a bad review for a guest.


Wait, 13 days and 23 hours.


You have 14 days to review a guest and the have 14 days to review you. After the 14 days you can not review them and they can not review you. 

Wait until the last hour of the last day to review them- and then the review function will time-out before they can give you a review.


This works for me cause it gives me a cool-off time to reflect on whether that person deserves a bad review or not. 

Usually by the time the 13th day rolls around I’ve totally forgotten about it and choose to let it go. 

But, yeah, wait two weeks to give the bad review 😀


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I had a similar incident with similar issues with Airbnb. Customer support. The guest attempted to extort me by saying if I did not give her a full refund even though I had already given her half that she would have to say negative things about me on line. At that point, I felt I was being extorted and I would not negotiate with Terrace is basically the way I look at it. I immediately contacted Airbnb explain the situation, and this was before she even put a review out .


Keep in mind she didn’t even ask for the refund or demand it or say anything at all that there was a problem till she had been away from the property for three days. I gave her half the refund upfront because she didn’t use up all of the days that she was going to stay, but she already reserved those days in advance and paid but I went ahead and gave her half of it back   Which she acknowledged and excepted but then three days later, that’s whenever she started telling me there was issues of this, and this all over the place not one time was it told me brought to my attention to make a long story short she did a review that was just scathing And Airbnb, even though extortion is against their policy, they didn’t call that extortion even though it’s blatant to me. I even gave them the proof. And immediately after that review, my bookings went to zero I was getting steady bookings even though this was a new property, I was getting at least three a week , it went to zero. I guess I should’ve just given her the full refund, but I thought Airbnb would have my back. It doesn’t matter. If you have proof, it doesn’t matter at all with them they will not help you at all. In fact, the customer service guy said he wished he could  and he all but admitted that there was a policy that said they would do nothing they would try to make both parties agreeable, but they would do nothing to remove any reviews. I’m not happy, but it is what it is. 

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Ghent, Belgium

But your review is not visible to her unless published. So she based her review not on your review but only on your internal conversations? Now it's 5 years later I don't know whether the review rules changed

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I am a new Host and had a guest leave a terrible, inaccurate review because she saw “homeless people” near my property.

She contacted me and Airbnb in a panic - I cheerfully and generously refunded the entire amount and allowed her to cancel immediately (Even though I didn’t have to ; under Airbnb’s long-term stay cancellation policy I was entitled to keep the entire one-month rental amount).  


She never stayed at the property; she was on the property for less than one hour. She did not pay a dime for that reservation.  I formally objected to the review with Airbnb; they absolutely would not budge.


Airbnb allowed her review to go forward, because she came to the property and unlocked the door she had “checked in” under their rules, and so she was allowed to leave me a review.


Brought my rating down from a perfect five-star to a 3.67.

Best antidote to bad reviews is more great reviews. Offer a deal to upcoming guests. Surprise and delight them. Build those good reviews back and you're good to go. I'm really sorry to hear your situation. Bad reviews happen and it's never fun when they come. 

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Dublin, Ireland

I feel you r pain my friend.

I had a similar experience.

Guest arrived

15 minutes later , I got call from Airbnb saying , the guest said my place was filthy, run down etc..etc.

no photographic evidence, and she didn't look for alternative accommodation...hmmm..sounds like domestic pressure to me to get home...

I'm a superhost 90% + 5 Star rating over 1k guests,  previous and post guests gave me 5 star review.

Asked Airbnb to take down her review....no joy.

I find AIrbnb support staff aren't too bright...pay peanuts etc... 

not happy with Airbnb support...

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