What to do with my personal belongings?

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Kirkland, WA

What to do with my personal belongings?

Hi, I have been hosting with AirBNB at our rental apartment for some time. 


I have now decided to rent out our home when we go on vacation. I am getting ready for my first guests at our home next month. I rent out my entire home (except one closet and the garage, which are locket).  This is the home where I normally live in with my husband and cat.  I am bringing the cat to a boarding facility and removing the litter box (and putting it in the garage).

I want to make it clear this is a home where I live in most of the year, that the master bedroom is normally lived in and will have a small amount of personal effects.


My question is, how much personal stuff/clothes in the closets, dressers, night stand drawers, bathroom drawers, etc should I clear out?  I can empty my dresser drawers into bins and put my clothes in the garage and I can also empty out all of the bathroom drawers and cabinets, but this will take a lot of time every time I have a guest. 


Would you remove files from your desk drawers? What is the expectation and what would you do?

The first guests are only staying 5 nights so not sure if this is necessary. I am hoping to get a long term renter in December for 15-30 nights of which I would probably make more room.


Any advice? Also photographs, etc, do you remove them?


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Farragut, TN

Responding as a guest, we just completed a 6-night stay in a property that was so obviously someone’s residence I felt personally uncomfortable. My husband and I stayed in the master bedroom. When we travel we don’t live out of our suitcases, and when looking for drawer space to unpack our clothing and toiletries I found no empty drawers. I was shocked and even offended to find personal clothing and other items in every drawer including thong panties wadded up in the top dresser drawer and another pair of underwear among other things in my bedside table where I would’ve put my own belongings. 
There was one small empty closet space with upper & lower hanging areas but no tall place to hang a dress. 

Every drawer/cupboard in the bathroom contained the owner’s belongings that were randomly placed, containers that were left open, used, dirty, and so on. It was just gross. I don’t need to see an opened box of hair color, reading glasses and a used toothbrush by the sink, and 7 partial bottles of shampoo in the shower. 

In the kitchen we found bottles of medicine next to the dinner plates and opened food left in the refrigerator. Am I being a snob to let this bother me?
With COVID19 still an issue, as soon as we arrived I cleaned every surface and touch point (door knobs, remote controls, etc) with antibacterial wipes and washed all of the dishes & silverware our family of 8 might use. This was time consuming but I felt necessary as this property did not give me the feeling it was really clean.
I felt like the owners simply packed a few things & went to stay with friends while collecting $3,200 from us to house sit for them for the next 6 nights.
We are not eager to rent an Airbnb again because of this experience. What a shame. 

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I'm sorry to reply to this specific post, I just don't see a way to post an individual message:


We have a large rental, 2 br downstairs, 2 br plus a loft upstairs, 4 full baths.  Upstairs has its own mini kitchen with everthing but an oven.


We do not live there.  However, due to some....family issues, I have been staying in the upstairs bedroom by myself for the  past two weeks.  We had guests coming in for Thanksgiving, so I vacated the premises and had it professionally cleaned as usual.  As the incoming guests were a single couple it seemed highly unlikely that they would ever even go upstairs and certainly would not use those two bedrooms nor their very large closets.  I chose to leave my wireless phone charger out on a side table (figuring someone might use it) as well as a mac power adaptor plugged in.  I left my electric beard trimmer in a bottom drawer in on of the upstairs bathrooms, and my freshly laundered and neatly folded clothes - 2 pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts and a couple of fleeces on a bottom shelf tucked away in the far corner of a large walk in closet.  In a small basket were a few pairs of clean and folded boxers, covered up with several pairs of clean sock.  Again, all of this upstairs where nobody was ever likely to come across them.  There was enough room left in that one closet - and there are many more closets - to house 3 people's entire wardrobe for a year.  And my feeling was that, even if somebody did stumble on my clothes, they wouldn't give a crap at all.


Let's just say my wife felt....differently.  (I already told you I've been staying at our rental...)  She did not find out until after the guest left (sending me a very nice message thanking us for a wonderful stay in our lovely home) when our cleaner found my clothes in the closet.  My wife was beyond livid, claimed it was utterly inappropriate and wrong and disgusting and who the hell does such a thing and if she ever found an owner's clothing in a place we rented she would be disgusted and write a scathing review.  I said we have stayed in plenty of places that had owners' personal items, including clothes.  She said that never happened and I am delusional if I think it did.


SO....whatta y'all say?  Ok?  Not ok?  Ok but not ideal?  Disgustingly and off-cuttingly inappropriate and I should be ashamed?

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