Worst Experience ever with Airbnb

Worst Experience ever with Airbnb


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Placencia, Belize

I totally agree. So what happened? 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @Syed-Faizan0 ,


Welcome to the Airbnb Community!


I'm Bhumika, the Community Manager for the English speaking Airbnb community.The Community Center is a place where hosts can share their experiences and interests with each other. As Mike said, your test has worked😆. We would like to hear more about what you to say. 


To get more information about the Community Center, you can take a look here . 


Hope you have a good time connecting with our host community!

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England, United Kingdom

@Syed-Faizan0 your test worked - When do we hear about your experience?

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