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This guest needed to shorten her stay so I spent at least two half hour sessions on the phone with her guiding her through the process and making sure she gets the right refund and understands it, accommodated early check in and late check out, left a wel... Latest reply by Inna22
I don't want to book a split stay. I want to book a stay in one place. There is no option to turn this "feature" off. It is not a feature to me, it is a bug that needs to be removed. If I want to book multiple consecutive stays, i can just do that on my o... Latest reply by John6673
Does Airbnb have a lot of people trying to scam hosts? I just posted my first listing and received three inquiries right away asking if available. I messaged each of them back and let them know that yes it's available and approving them to proceed to... Latest reply by Tina9064
I am sure there are many other hosts like me who have experienced issues with getting guests to agree to an arrival time within the check in window. I have lost count of how many times guests have asked me to check in much earlier, and some times much lat... Latest reply by Tina9064
I accepted a booking yesterday for tonight. He has some good reviews. I always check because I live alone and the guest shares my space. When accepting I asked for an approx arrival time. The guest said 'late, after supper" to which I replied, Please not ... Latest reply by Sudsrung0
I am an experienced Airbnb Superhost with 21 years in the tourism industry. In August 2020 I accepted a booking from an airbnb'er with 8 perfect guests reviews. He had agreed to our 'over 25 year old only, no parties, no same sex groups' policies. It turn... Latest reply by Bhumika
I have been hosting for two years now and have seen my share of shady and suspicious guests. I am wondering what actual scams other hosts have seen committed by potential guests. The most serious scam I ever saw was what I believed to be a key-copying ... Latest reply by Michelle3303
Hello, Congratulations on becoming a Superhost! Your responsiveness and reliability has earned the trust of your guests and they can’t stop talking about your outstanding hospitality. If you’re new to the Community Center, this is a place to conn... Latest reply by Jozi6
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Title says it all, but I’ve been reading on Airbnb site that they are restricting entire house rentals for 25+ year olds with at least 3 good review and 0 bad reviews. The one stipulation is they must be local. ok, so I had a child rent out my house (I of... Latest reply by Helen3
The guest cut through my house to get to the back where the guest house is located. The current guest could not get the wooden side gate to open. This gate leads to the back of the house where the guest house is.The guest tried to use the key that opens t... Latest reply by Helen3