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I am sure there are many other hosts like me who have experienced issues with getting guests to agree to an arrival time within the check in window. I have lost count of how many times guests have asked me to check in much earlier, and some times much lat... Latest reply by Elaine701
Hello Hi I am from London. I am in West London. I hosted someone last minute Friday night. The room was ready for a guest arriving Saturday. So no problem there. I told this guest they had to vacate at check out time Saturday. They didn't ( I had anot... Latest reply by Helen3
Hello, We are using a CRM (Monday.com) to manage and organize the inquiries we receive for our properties. We use an email parser which received the email notifications and parses the booking details from the email.The problem is that these emails are h... Latest reply by Lorna170
Hi, I'm fairly new to hosting with great guests so far. I have one lady who asked to book as i have pre-approval, but then after i responded disappeared. Then a few days ago came back asking to book for a month which i agreed to. She then asked to come... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0