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    It would be helpful if AirBnB provided a link to all reviews left by a booking guest. Instead, hosts have to trawl through past stays and find the corresponding reviews that were left by the upcoming guest, which is very time consuming. What does everyone... Latest reply by Antya2
    Good Morning, I have just responded to a Guest review ( after I first posted host review so then responded to some comments that the guest made to me in private). I note that this review is public!I thought host response to Guests private note to them wa... Latest reply by Janice311
    We ask all our guest for suggests and criticisms on how to improve our home so we can make the airbnb experience better , we do ask them to leave all criticisms in private and not in the review . I tell all our guest that we only give 5* REVIEWS in the h... Latest reply by Helen744
    Here are some links regarding reviews: https://www.airbnb.ca/help/article/548/airbnbs-dispute-moderation-for-reviews https://www.airbnb.ca/help/article/2673/airbnbs-review-policy https://www.airbnb.ca/help/article/546/airbnbs-content-policy http... Latest reply by Jenny
    Here are a couple of reviews I have received in the past month which have related to the cleanliness of my listing. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Wow, this is chalk and cheese, how can that be?... Latest reply by Bubba-Lee0
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    Guest (with zero reviews) checks in circa 8pm (on a 'chilly' San Francisco evening) to her single room. Mentions she has been cold all day and how can she turn on the heat. I explain its central heating for the whole house and comes on when temp drops... Latest reply by Kelly149