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There is now a HUGE number of people who are fragrance-sensitive or have MCS. I'm one of them. The odors of conventional cleaning products, air fresheners, dryer sheets, etc. make me sick. They give me headaches, burning eyes, feelings of tightness and ti... Latest reply by Lauren487
Recently, a guest nearly burned down my house. She tells me one of her invitees left something burning. I discovered that it was more severe then I thought. There was literally a fire at the airbnb. The walls, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, even dishes inside... Latest reply by Jacob695
I don't want to book a split stay. I want to book a stay in one place. There is no option to turn this "feature" off. It is not a feature to me, it is a bug that needs to be removed. If I want to book multiple consecutive stays, i can just do that on my o... Latest reply by Douglas431
Hello hosts - season's greetings, happy holidays! Do you put Christmas decorations in your listing? I usually put some bright & sparkly baubles in a large bowl and use it a as centre-piece on the dining table & a smaller version in the living room. I thi... Latest reply by Gillian166
Hello, I have a beautiful home with a pool/spa overlooking the canyon. I have 2 spare rooms to rent out on airbnb. I live in my house with my dog.Is there anyone who can help me co-host my property as I do not have the capacity to be airbnb host please?Th... Latest reply by Joanna688
It would be helpful if AirBnB provided a link to all reviews left by a booking guest. Instead, hosts have to trawl through past stays and find the corresponding reviews that were left by the upcoming guest, which is very time consuming. What does everyone... Latest reply by Antya2
I was excited to read retaliatory reviews are being removed. And about time! It's so ridiculous to allow those scam reviews to affect our ratings thus our businesses. So I sent a message asking to have one of mine removed. ( Yes I have many!) So I started... Latest reply by Robbie54