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UNCONSCIONABLE customer service. Had a month long stay cancelled only a few weeks before we were set to arrive. Air cover claims are fraudulent. Did NOT help us find a comparable place (sent studio options 2 towns away when we’d rented a 3 bedroom home) a... Latest reply by Debra300
I have been hosting for two years now and have seen my share of shady and suspicious guests. I am wondering what actual scams other hosts have seen committed by potential guests. The most serious scam I ever saw was what I believed to be a key-copying sc... Latest reply by Helen744
We have rather odd windows at our circa 1850 place with 18 inch deep window wells. Our cottage is solid stone and the walls are that thick. As a result of both that and the wooded lot, the main room can be rather dark. I have been hesitant to buy curtains... Latest reply by Charles1466
Hello, Congratulations on becoming a Superhost! Your responsiveness and reliability has earned the trust of your guests and they can’t stop talking about your outstanding hospitality. If you’re new to the Community Center, this is a place to conn... Latest reply by Petra719
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Help needed please. I am a new host and my first ever guest messaged me on AIRBNB one month after his stay asking if he could book for a few days at short notice. I agreed and he turned up at my house, saying the booking was going through and the payme... Latest reply by Man14773
Hello fellow hosts! I hope this message finds you well. I am a new host (since last year) and am still trying to iron out all the kinks that come with hosting ones personal space. I need help running our Airbnb business so I can focus on other projects p... Latest reply by Shylo1
Hi everyone, Wherever you go, people are feeling the effect of the energy crisis and thinking of ways to be more economical. Hospitality is, of course, no exception. Whether you’re thinking about sustainability, smart meters, your amenities or your o... Latest reply by Gillian166
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