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So...I'm pretty angry about a guest experience. First, the guest checked in 2 hours early without requesting to do so (we are self check in). Because of the size of the room and the amenities we offer, we only offer the room to one guest. This guest check... Latest reply by Sarah977
I am new to Airbnb, but not to vacation renting. I have a guest who arrived New Years Eve night, an hour or two into their visit they complained about the toilet not draining. (Mind you I live an hour away from this property, through a major mountain pa... Latest reply by Kelsey155
In the early years I never had any issues as guests were familiar with “home share” experiences and were extremely respectful but as time marches on more people use Airbnb as a cheap alternative to hostels this has become a frustrating and most difficult ...
I posted the other day and Airbnb closed in my favor again. The host keeps opening up new cases. Now he is saying I damaged the stove. He is upset because Airbnb refunded me for $500. 40 days after check out is when he asked for more money, I refused... Latest reply by Sarah977
I have been a host for Air BnB for a couple of years now and really enjoy it. I've had a couple of guests that left me a little frustrated. My question however is my most recent guest had a teenage girl who burned the top of our nightstand. To replace ... Latest reply by Lisa723