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    Hi, for taxes reasons i would like to change the ownership of one of my listings from my name to my wife name, but i do not want to loose the reviews and the history, anybody knows if it is possible and how to do it?thanks for your helpluca Latest reply by The-Turner-Family0
    A guest has just left leaving us a scathing review, giving us 2 for cleanliness and 2 for accuracy of our amenities. We have a professional cleaner, the place is spotless, no one has ever complained about cleanliness, when she arrived she said it was lo... Latest reply by Scott88
    Hello to all my fellow Airbnb ers. My wife and I are Christian and we've always told our children that they were not allowed to have boys or girls in their rooms especially over to spend the night. We are at a crossroads as we want to honor our God and ... Latest reply by Lizzie
    Hi, So for some reason, Air B&B is misinforming my interested guests that they can rent one of my suites for 6 people for the rate of my lowest priced room which ONLY can have 2 person occupancy maximum. I have asked Air B&B to correct this mistake, to re... Latest reply by David126
    Hi! I have an inquiry from a guest who originally requested a 10-day period. They've messaged me that they want to stay for 7 days now instead. Should I send my pre-approval to him? If I do, it will pre-approve him for 10 days. Or does he need to ... Latest reply by Jim24