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    I experienced some discrimination and harassment with my host which I complained to airbnb about (they claimed they didnt feel like it was with malice after promising my refund). The host also made some complaints about me and stated that I had pet (which... Latest reply by Jenny
    Hi, Is there anyone here familiar with a product that determines how many cell phone signals are currently at apartment/house and can send the host an alert when that number was increased beyond a certain #? I'm also interested to know if anyone is using ... Latest reply by Anthony591
    Hello, I'm doing some research for next year and I wondered if anyone could answer the following: What are the main differences between using airbnb and a site such as Rightmove and then an estate agent for long term rentals?Is using airbnb more lik... Latest reply by Sybe
    Many of us strive for the perfect 5* ratings across the board, and can get a bit sensitive when a guest rates down in a category. Now, it's not necessarily a big deal, and some guests are difficult to please regardless of what you do, but when you have ... Latest reply by Gillian166
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    Hi all, I just received my very first extended stay request for my Airbnb. They want to rent my house for 3 months. I usually have a 2 week maximum. It’s our slow months and it sure would be nice to make that money but they just joined Airbnb and I hav... Latest reply by Julie3765